Korea Ceramic Foundation holds K-Ceramic ‘Online Conference for Exports to Vietnam’

Createdd 2021-11-10 Hit 213


○ Eight Vietnamese businesses including interior design and trade/distribution enterprises interested in purchasing Korean ceramics to participate in conference
– Foundation will provide consulting services to ten Korean ceramic studios supplying products to Export Brand Mall of ‘K-Ceramic Shopping Mall’

On November 11 and 12, the Korea Ceramic Foundation (KOCEF) will hold the ‘Online Conference for Exports to Vietnam’ via the K-Ceramic Shopping Mall.

The purpose of the conference is to provide export opportunities to Korean ceramic studios whose overseas sales activities have been restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The conference will be held through a remote meeting platform connecting the Korean Ceramic Promotion Hall (buyers) in the Gyeonggi Business Centers (GBCs) of Hanoi, Vietnam, with Korean ceramic studios (artisans) in real-time to the Export Brand Mall of the K-Ceramic Shopping Mall.

The participating businesses include: Viglacera, a Vietnamese industrial complex developer; Minh Duc, an interior construction business; Winston International, a handicraft distributor; and eight other Vietnamese buyers. In addition, ten Korean ceramic studios supplying products to the ‘K-Ceramic Shopping Mall’ will also participate, including: Tomi153, a hand-made ttukbaegi studio; Gamajigi, a hand-made ceramic vessel studio; and Haerak Pottery, a producer of hand-made ceramic household supplies and interior accessories.

The products in which local Vietnamese (selected through a prior promotional activity) are primarily interested include: Square Ttukbaegi Vs Mint by Oh Jeom-suk; Firewood Kiln Set by Ahn Seong-ju; Handle Plate Plate by Kang Byoung-deok; Aroma Warmer Stovepipe by Yoo Kyung-hee; Jade Green Square by Bae Bo-yeong; Trumpet, Donut Speaker by Ko Mik-young; Mongdol Tea Cup Set by Shin Hee-chang; Hexagon Plate by Kim Sung-hun; Stone Handle Plate by Han Woo-ram; and Stone Handled Plate by Kang Mu-chang.

KOCEF will provide professional personnel such as interpreters to facilitate smooth one-on-one consultations between the Korean artisans and Vietnamese buyers.

Even after the buyers and Korean artisans successfully make deals, KOCEF will continue to provide follow-up services so as to ensure substantial outcomes, such as professional reviews of contract terms and conditions, drafting and translation of contracts, and administrative work related to product import/export activities, as well as transportation and customer service activities (e.g. customer consultations, complaint resolution).

Choi Yeon, CEO of KOCEF, said, “Starting with this export conference, we will actively provide marketing assistance to Korean artisans to increase their opportunities to sell Korean ceramic products overseas.”

Meanwhile, the Export Brand Mall of the K-Ceramic Shopping Mall (operated by KOCEF) retails 163 products from 44 Korean ceramic studios that were carefully selected through expert reviews including the 2021 Global Strategic Ceramics Contest.