Korea Ceramic Foundation opens the nation’s largest “online business platform” specializing in ceramic

Createdd 2021-09-09 Hit 23


○ Korea Ceramic Foundation (KOCEF) plans to launch its online ceramic business platform K-Ceramic (k-ceramic.com) on September 1
– A comprehensive ceramic-related platform that includes an online store, specific information on ceramic and community (communication) space
– Korea’s leading ceramic brand K-Ceramic’s online store sells 980 kinds of works from 200 ceramic kilns including Living Mall, Gallery Mall, Export Brand Mall, and Ceramic Material Mall
– Strengthening of the ceramic industry’s competitiveness by improving the distribution environment

KOCEF announced on the 9th that it will launch Korea’s largest online ceramic business platform K-Ceramic (k-ceramic.com) to strengthen the ceramic industry’s competitiveness.

K-Ceramic was promoted to reinforce the ceramic industry’s competitiveness by enhancing the domestic ceramic distribution environment, and is operated as a comprehensive ceramic industry platform that features an online ceramic store (open market) and a ceramic information community. Foreign language services in English, Chinese and Vietnamese have also been established for global buyers and consumers.

The core content of K-Ceramic online store (shop.k-ceramic.com) is divided into two parts: 1) an open market where kilns that are in the mall directly upload and manage product information, and 2) works selected through a global export strategic product contest. It sells 980 products that have been carefully selected from 200 ceramic kilns amongst pure handicrafts in different fields including ▲ Living Mall (living ceramics) ▲ Gallery Mall (pottery art) and ▲ Export Brand Mall (global export strategic products) in the largest scale in Korea. The range of products to be sold is to be expanded through continuous recruitment and selection of kilns.

In particular, the “Ceramic Material Mall,” which is linked to companies specializing in sales and distribution of professional equipment such as electric kilns, earthenware and potter’s wheels as well as pottery tools and materials like carving knives, brushes and gypsum molds, is designed to allow potters to conveniently compare and purchase various ceramic-related equipment.

KOCEF will hold a “failure-free roulette event for new members!” that will provide discounted coupons of up to KRW 5,000 to new registered customers. The event will run until the event funds are exhausted, and 0.1% of the purchase amount will be given as points to all purchasing customers.

In addition, K-Ceramic online store consists of ceramic-related professional information services such as ceramic news, the introduction of kilns and ceramic R&D, as well as a community space including online forums (bulletin board) and potters’ chat rooms (chat).

CEO Choi Yun of KOCEF said, “The online ceramic business platform is designed to prepare for the future of the ceramic industry rather than seeking immediate profits. We will actively support improvement of the distribution environment of the ceramic industry, which is vulnerable to the online market, and strengthen its competitiveness.”

Meanwhile, KOCEF recruits resident companies for the Living Mall and Gallery Mall of K-Ceramic online store. For more information, please visit the Korea Ceramic Foundation website (www.kocef.org).