Korea Gyeonggido Company promotes Delivery Express with Gyeonggi Volunteer Center

Createdd 2020-10-12 Hit 14


○ Korea Gyeonggi Company and Gyeonggi Volunteer Center sign MOU for “Delivery Express” and Youth Volunteer Supporters program on October 8
○ Delivery Express to be promoted through 150 youth volunteer supporters
○ Engagement in online activities such as app download guide and app reviews
○ Supporter program applications can be submitted through the Gyeonggi Volunteer Center website starting on October 14

The Korea Gyeonggi Company (KGC) has partnered with the Gyeonggi Volunteer Center (GGVC) for the success of “Delivery Express,” a public delivery app developed by Gyeonggi Province.

The KGC signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) on Youth Volunteer Supporters for Delivery Express with the GGVC on October 8 with a focus on promoting the service.

According to the MOU, the two organizations will first recruit youth supporters who will promote Delivery Express, and the actual program will begin at the end of October.

The Youth Volunteer Supporters, approximately 150 participants, will start by receiving training before kicking off various online activities for promoting Delivery Express.

Specifically, they will be active in informing potential users about Delivery Express, offering guidance on downloading the app and sharing app reviews.

Recruitment of Delivery Express supporters will be done via the Gyeonggi Volunteer Center website (www.ggvc.or.kr) from October 14 to November 3. Anyone between the ages of 19 and 36 is eligible to apply.

GGVC Head Manager Gwon Seok-pil said, “I am aware that Delivery Express is successfully attracting more affiliate members. The Gyeonggi Volunteer Center will always support and do our best in supporter activities for the success of Delivery Express.”

Delivery Express is a mobile app developed and operated by KGC to relieve monopoly concerns in the delivery market by providing an alternative to small business owners.

A trial project will be conducted in three cities (Osan, Hwaseong, and Paju) in November. The number of affiliate membership applications has exceeded the targeted amount, indicating considerable interest in the service among small business owners.