Lee Jaemyung: “The Gyeonggi Smart Belt should stand tall as a hub of future industries that will enter global markets”

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○ Governor Lee Jaemyung attended the ‘Future Smart Belt Strategy Presentation’ on the afternoon of October 7
– In his congratulatory speech, Governor Lee said: “In an age of great transition, the Gyeonggi Smart Belt should stand tall as a hub of Korea’s new and future industry development. To this end, the Gyeonggi Provincial Government will provide utmost support.”

On October 7, Gyeonggi Province Governor Lee Jaemyung stated, “The world is experiencing a period of great economic and industrial transition. I am confident that our province will stand tall as a hub of Korea’s new and future industry development.”

Governor Lee shared this message during his congratulatory speech at the ‘Future Smart Belt Strategy Presentation’ held at the Hwaseong complex of Samsung Electronics.

The purpose of the event was to present the first strategy of the ‘Future Smart Belt Alliance,’ which was formed by seven southern cities of the province. The event was attended by Gyeonggi Province Governor Lee Jaemyung, Suwon City Mayor Yeom Tae-yeong, Yongin City Mayor Baek Gun-gi, Seongnam City Mayor Eun Su-mi, Hwaseong City Mayor Seo Cheol-mo, Pyeongtaek City Mayor Jeong Jang-seon, Icheon City Mayor Eom Tae-jun, Anseong City Mayor Kim Bo-ra, and Samsung Electronics Vice President Park Chan-hoon.

At the event, Governor Lee said, “The world is now facing an age of digital transformation driven by Industry 4.0. With intensifying competition for technological hegemony and Japanese export restrictions, our economy has also reached a critical turning point.”

“In times like these, it is crucial for us to overcome difficulties with a spirit of cooperation and solidarity and invest in building mutually reinforcing relationships by developing new technologies and restructuring industrial systems,” he added.

“Gyeonggi Province expects these seven cities to join forces with companies in an age of technological revolution and great transformation so as to lead future industries centered on the cutting-edge manufacturing industries of our province. It is vital for the heads of each local government to introduce detailed policies and care for companies. To this end, the Gyeonggi Provincial Government will provide utmost support,” Lee concluded.

The ‘Future Smart Belt Alliance’ is a co-prosperity system for local governments that was launched in June this year with the purpose of identifying and promoting policy tasks that can lead to mutual benefits among the strategic ‘K-Semiconductor’ cities. The alliance is comprised of seven southern Gyeonggi cities: Suwon, Yongin, Seongnam, Hwaseong, Pyeongtaek, Icheon, and Anseong.

These cities account for 82.8% of the added value generated by the semiconductor industry in Korea. The southern region is rising as a key area of the ‘K-semiconductor strategy’ in line with the central government’s plan to establish a southern Gyeonggi smart semiconductor belt in accordance with the 4th Seoul Metropolitan Area Readjustment Plan.

At the event, the seven cities announced a joint ordinance on priority considerations for local smart belt initiatives for the realization of the shared goal of strengthening future industries and settling future cities, and revealed the first promotional strategies of each local government.

In addition, they signed a memorandum of understanding on mutual cooperation for the establishment of a special local body that represents the southern Gyeonggi alliance, thereby elevating the status of the Future Smart Belt Alliance.

Meanwhile, the Gyeonggi Provincial Government has realized significant achievements in various areas in its efforts to work around Japan’s export restrictions. These achievements include the inducement of investments related to the semiconductor industry, job creation, and the advancement of technological independence following the establishment of a master plan for the development of the ‘materials/parts/equipment’ industry.

Last month, the provincial government announced its mid-to-long-term strategies for semiconductor industry development in Gyeonggi Province with the goal of becoming the largest advanced semiconductor industry hub in the world by 2030. It is currently focusing on providing administrative support for the successful establishment of the Yongin Semiconductor Cluster, which is currently the core of the Gyeonggi semiconductor belt.