Participant List Confirmed for 2019 Korea Basic Income Expo

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○ Main participants confirmed for 2019 Korea Basic Income Expo taking place from April 29 to 30
– Many globally renowned leaders to attend including keynote speakers Anne Miller and Kang Nam-hoon, as well as Sarath Davala, Sam Manning, Inoue Tomohiro, Almaz Zelleke, and Josep Coll
– Government officials, regional leaders, and administrators also to attend including Gyeonggi Province Governor Lee Jae-myeong, Rheinau Mayor Andreas Jaeggi from Switzerland, and Finnish economist Jauhiainen
○ Gyeonggi official: “It will be a festival that will bring basic income to the table not only in Korea but also around the world.”

The 2019 Korea Basic Income Expo, with the theme of “The New Paradigm of the Generation of Collaboration, Basic Income”, is a festival celebrating public discussion of basic income. It will be attended by globally renowned experts on basic income and regional currency from Korea and abroad.

On April 7, Gyeonggi Province announced that global and domestic leaders and experts will attend the 2019 Korea Basic Income Expo taking place on April 29 and 30 at the Suwon Convention Center.

Along with Gyeonggi Province Governor Lee Jae-myung, the co-founder of the Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN) and the Chair of the British Civil Income Trust, world-renowned basic income leader Dr. Anne Miller, as well as one of the leading experts on basic income in Korea, the Co-Chair of Gyeonggi Province Basic Income Committee and the Chairman of Basic Income Network in Korea, Dr. Kang Nam-hoon (Hanshin University) are keynote speakers for the event.

Dr. Sarath Davala, the Vice Chair of BIEN, Dr. Inoue Tomohiro (Professor at Komazawa University), Dr. Almaz Zelleke (Professor at New York University), Sam Manning (Research Associate from Y Combinator Research Institute, Basic Income Project Team), Dr. Josep Maria Coll (Senior Researcher at the Barcelona Center for International Affairs), and other global scholars will also participate in this event, making various presentations and participating in discussions.

This event will receive regional authority representatives and government officials from countries and regions in which basic income policies are currently in place or have been attempted.

First, Gyeonggi Province Governor Lee Jae-myung will present the implementation of basic income policies in Gyeonggi Province and Seongnam City. He was the first to introduce and implement basic income policies in Korea and is regarded as a global leader in the field of basic income policy.

Rheinau Municipality Mayor Andreas Jaeggi from Switzerland, a country in which basic income policy was publicly voted upon for the first time in the world, and Rebecca Panian, movie director and researcher for the basic income experiment, are presenting the Swiss case of basic income together.

Dr. Signe Jauhiainen, a senior economist from Finland, a country in which basic income policy has been most actively experimented, is also visiting the fair to introduce Finnish basic income case studies.

Korea Student Aid Foundation Chairman Lee Jeong-woo (formerly Policy Director at the Blue House), Gyeonggi Research Institute Chair Lee Han-joo, Seoul Institute of Economic and Social Studies Director Jang Se-jin, Gachon University Professor Yu Jong-seong, Chung-Ang University Professor Kim Kyo-seong, and Ajou University Professor Oh Dong-seok will be the chairs for individual discussion sessions.

Other domestic scholars and experts like Chief Keum Min from the Institute for Political & Economic Alternatives, Executive Director An Hyo-sang from the Basic Income Network Korea, Researcher Lee Gun Min from the Institute for Political & Economic Alternatives, Head Researcher Yu Young-seong from the Gyeonggi Research Institute of Win-Win Economy, CEO Lee Won-jae from Lab 2050, Senior Researcher Jeong Won-ho from the Gyeonggi Research Institute, Researcher Park Kyung-cheol from the ChungNam Institute, Professor Kwak No-wan (Hanshin University), Professor Seo Jeong-hee (Gunsan University), Professor Lee Hyang-woo (Chungbuk National University), Professor No Ho-chang (Hoseo University), Professor Kim Kyo-seong (Chung-Ang Universiity), Professor Kang Hyeon-cheol (Kyonggi University), Professor Baek Seung-ho (Catholic University) and others will participate in discussions and presentations.

The Gyeonggi Provincial Assembly aims to establish the event not only a venue in which to establish common ground on the concept of basic income, but also as a catalyst to promote the idea of basic income around the world.

One official explained: “By inviting experts and administrators from all over the world to discuss basic income and establish common ground, we hope that the fair will be a venue through which basic income becomes a globally discussed topic.” The official added, “As global leaders in basic income will be here at the event, we look forward to meaningful outcomes that the fair will bring in the field of basic income.”

The Guardian, a British newspaper, introduced the Finnish case of implementing basic income in a February edition, writing: “The idea of basic income is growing beyond the Scandinavian countries and becoming a generational trend.” They also referred to Gyeonggi Province Governor Lee Jae-myung as one of the most passionate leaders in the field.

Along with Governor Lee Jae-myung, the Guardian article also mentions Elon Musk (CEO of Tesla Motors), Robert Reich (former US Secretary of Labor), and Benoît Hamon (a French presidential candidate).