Delegation from Katowice Special Economic Zone, Poland, Visits Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone Authority to Discuss Cooperation

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○ Delegation from the Katowice Special Economic Zone of Poland (KSEZ) visited the Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone (YESFEZ) Authority on November 29
– Discussed plans to cooperate in the attraction of investment in the special economic zones of Katowice and Gyeonggi Province
– Delegation visited Poseung (BIX) District of YESFEZ

On November 29, a delegation from KSEZ of Poland, comprised of 13 members including Silesian Voivodeship Deputy Marshal Wojciech Kaluza and KSEZ President Janusz Michalek, visited the YESFEZ Authority in Gyeonggi Province.

On that day, the Katowice Special Economic Zone delegation and Yellow Sea Free Economic Zone Authority representatives shared information on their development projects as well as the status of and environments for investment inducement, and discussed future cooperation in investment attraction.

Poland’s KSEZ focuses on the automobile industry. Having been designated as the preeminent free economic zone in Europe, it is regarded as the most successful special economic zone in Poland.

Among the free economic zone authorities in Korea, KSEZ of Poland proposed cooperation with YESFEZ in Gyeonggi Province. The delegation visited the YESFEZ Authority, which also focuses on the automobile industry, at the recommendation of the Embassy of the Republic of Poland in Seoul during the course of planning for the visit to Korea.

The delegation also visited the Poseung (BIX) District to study the progress of development projects, and proposed a strategic partnership.

With an area of approximately 2,049,500 square meters, the Poseung (BIX) District is located near the Seohaedaegyo Bridge and serves as a site for development projects for the establishment of automotive, chemical, electronic, and mechanical industrial facilities; the site also features logistics facilities and a housing complex. With the completion of necessary infrastructure in September this year, construction is now ready to commence for the plants and a logistics complex.

YESFEZ Authority Commissioner Hwang Seong-tae actively publicized the Poseung (BIX) District, saying: “Located near the Pyeongtaek Port and connected with Poseung IC of the 2nd Seohaean Expressway, the Poseung District is emerging as an ideal investment target for import and export logistics companies. We are receiving a constant stream of inquiries from domestic and international companies about logistics complex occupancy.”

An announcement regarding the sale of logistics complex lots and industrial sites in the Poseung (BIX) District has been posted. Domestic companies can also participate in the purchase of sites.