Province Launches 4th Foreign Gyeonggi Tourism Supporters “Oh My Gyeonggi (O.M.G.)” Program

Createdd 2024-06-10 Hit 27


The 4th “Foreign Gyeonggi Tourism Social Network (SNS) Supporters” program, organized by Gyeonggi Province and the Gyeonggi Tourism Organization, kicked off its official activities at a launching ceremony held at the Mirinae Healbeing Club in Yangpyeong County.

The Foreign Gyeonggi Tourism Social Network (SNS) Supporters (official name: Oh My Gyeonggi or “O.M.G.”) were selected through an open online recruitment process. They consist of 35 foreigners of various nationalities, including those from Asian countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia, as well as from the Americas and Europe.

For approximately six months through to November, the supporters will act as Gyeonggi tourism ambassadors through social networking sites such as TikTok, YouTube and Instagram, sharing the charms of Gyeonggi Province from a foreigner’s perspective. They will not only visit and experience tourist spots related to Gyeonggi Province’s Korean Wave, nature, gastronomy, history, and festivals, but also provide up-to-date tourism information on items such as transportation, operating hours, and travel costs to help foreign tourists become interested in and conveniently visit Gyeonggi Province.

“Gyeonggi Province is working in various ways to achieve its goal of attracting 4 million international tourists this year,” said Park Yang-deok, Director of the Tourism Industry Division of Gyeonggi Province. “We will actively support the activities of foreign supporters to make Gyeonggi Province a place that foreigners want to visit.