“Quickly Customized Information for Foreigners via Social Media”

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On April 17 at the Peace Talk Hall of the Northern Gyeonggi Provincial Government Complex, Gyeonggi Province held an inauguration ceremony for the “5th Gyeonggi Foreign Social Media Reporter Corps” which will provide customized information necessary for the settlement of foreign residents in Korea through social media.

Now in its fifth year, the Gyeonggi Foreign Social Media Reporter Corps was launched in 2020 with three languages – Chinese, Vietnamese, and Russian – and has since grown to five languages, with Thai added in 2021 and Cambodian in 2022. Married immigrants, workers, and international students participate in this corps to provide foreign residents of Gyeonggi Province with information they need to settle in the province.

The 5th Reporters Corps consists of 30 foreigners from seven countries – Thailand, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, China, Uzbekistan, Vietnam and Russia – who live in Gyeonggi Province. In terms of languages, there were seven Russian speakers, seven Vietnamese speakers, seven Chinese speakers, five Khmer speakers and four Thai speakers.

The reporters will cover key policies related to foreigners in Korea and share information through social media platforms such as Facebook, blogs, and Instagram.

“The reporter corps serves as a communication channel for foreign residents, covering various topics such as local festivals and events, information on counseling and support, and real-time local news such as disasters,” said Kum Chul-wan, Director General of the Labor Bureau of Gyeonggi Province. “Gyeonggi Province aims to play a role in quickly providing information needed by foreign residents.”

Meanwhile, 1,488 items were created for the official reporter corps channel last year with 187,007 total views to date.