TEC Concert Season 3 to Launch for “Scaling-Up Your Business”

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○ Season 3 of Tech Experience Content (TEC) Concert for technology and content fusion to be launched
– Circuit of Gyeonggi Culture Creation Hubs in five areas, starting with Goyang Hub on July 2
○ Expected to provide insights for aspiring entrepreneurs with introduction of success cases in scaling-up beyond technology development

The Tech Experience Content (TEC) Concert, hosted by Gyeonggi Province and the Gyeonggi Content Agency, will launch for a third season with improved content.

This season, the TEC Concert will be jointly held by the Gyeonggi Cultural Creation Hub in Gwangyo, located in southern Gyeonggi where the concert has been held since its first season, and four other hubs: Siheung and Bucheon in western Gyeonggi as well as Goyang and Uijeongbu in northern Gyeonggi.

Starting from this season’s first concert on July 2, which will take place at the Goyang Hub, the TEC Concert will take place five times in a circuit incorporating each hub―Goyang on Tuesdays, Gwanggyo on Wednesdays, Siheung on Thursdays, Bucheon on Fridays, and Uijeongbu on Saturdays―at 7:00 pm on weekdays and at 2:00 pm on weekends.

The TEC Concert program features lectures by experts on topics related to the fusion of technology and content. It has been held 24 times over the last two years with 1,520 people taking part, and has been well-received by entrepreneurs and the general public as Gyeonggi Province’s representative program for technological and entrepreneurial fields.

This season, lectures on new media and mobile, VR/AR, IoT, hardware, and design will be offered with consideration given to the characteristics of each hub and the needs of the hub users.

The first lecture on July 2 at the Goyang Hub will be given by Choi Byeong-han, director of Pandora TV’s Biz Solution Team. Choi is an expert in e-commerce using videos; his lecture on “Korean V-Commerce version 2.0” and “influencer marketing” will focus on SNS marketing skills that SMEs and start-ups can effectively use.

Other experts lined up for July programs include Choi Myeong-gyun, director of PIXELPIMPS; Sanago, 3D pen creator; Heo Je, CEO of N15; and Jang Su-han, CEO of T-School Company. Their lectures will deal with influencer marketing, VR games, 3D pens, and team-building skills for start-ups, respectively.

“This season’s TEC concerts will provide interesting and practical information on topics related to Fourth Industrial Revolution industries to accelerate the growth of start-ups in the region. Lectures by experts from various sectors of Fourth Industrial Revolution industries will present local entrepreneurs with new, innovative insights,” said an official of Gyeonggi Province.

The Gyeonggi Content Agency has signed an MOU with Interbiz to release the content of this season’s TEC Concerts on Naver’s Business Platform so as to provide business information to those who are interested in but unable to attend the concerts while also contributing to the spread of entrepreneurship

Applications to participate can be made via the websites of either the Gyeonggi Cultural Creation Hub (www.gcon.or.kr/ghub) or Onoffmix (www.onoffmix.com), and detailed information can be obtained by contacting the Gyeonggi Content Agency (+82-31-8064-1714).