“The New Gyeonggi Province: Advancing Lifelong Learning!”: 2018 World Forum for Lifelong Learning to Kick Off on August 30

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The 2018 World Forum for Lifelong Learning, co-organized by Gyeonggi Province, the Gyeonggi Do Provincial Institute for Lifelong Learning and PASCAL, will be held from August 30 to September 1 at Ibis Ambassador Suwon.

This World Forum for Lifelong Learning, which celebrates its fifth anniversary this year, is Korea’s only international event for lifelong learning that seeks ways to improve lifelong learning by exploring lifelong learning trends around the world, sharing and exchanging excellent lifelong learning policies and practices, and establishing strategies tailored to Gyeonggi Province for the realization of lifelong learning.

The slogan “The New Gyeonggi Province: Advancing Lifelong Learning!”, which was selected in celebration of Gyeonggi Province’s 1,000th anniversary, reflects the region’s will to pioneer a new future using lifelong learning.

This three-day forum will be held under the theme “A learning city as a learning community for sustainable development”. It will be an occasion for attendees to delve into the future of sustainable learning cities with environments in which everyone can benefit from quality education, as well as to ponder means by which to address regional issues and aging society issues.

On the first day of the forum, renowned scholars and experts in lifelong learning from home and abroad will give presentations and lead discussions on lifelong learning policies and practices of their respective countries. Starting with keynote lectures offered by Professor Han Sung-hui of Seoul National University and Professor Shirley Walters of the University of Western Cape, many experts from Korea and overseas will share their presentations.

Attendees will participate in three sessions on the sustainability of networks between learning cities, lifelong learning as a solution to regional problems, and lifelong learning as a vision for an aging society. This will be an opportunity for everyone to study relevant examples from around the world and formulate development policies through comprehensive discussions.

On the second day, overseas attendees will visit Korea’s prominent lifelong learning institutions in relation to the forum’s topics. On the third day, the attendees will share feedback on the visits and discuss their experiences.

This year’s forum is expected to receive approximately 70 participants from 20 countries including famous scholars from PASCAL, a group of experts in various fields related to learning cities, and the director of the UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning.

Anyone interested in lifelong learning can participate in the forum free of charge. Online registration is possible via the Gyeonggi Do Provincial Institute for Lifelong Learning website (www.gill.or.kr) until August 22, 2018.

[Core Issues]
* Core issues act as a mechanism to respond to present complexities and future uncertainties.

Place Management
The place where we live determines the way we live. → Utilizing all available assets to improve cities and the lives of residents

Social Cohesion
The way we live together creates the environment in which we live. → Creating social capital through network building

Learning Cities and Regions
The way we learn determines where and how we live. → Sharing knowledge and innovating through cooperation among learning cities and regions