2018 Beyond the Dream VLOG Contest

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Still looking for a travel destination this year?
Here’s a great opportunity for you to win a USD 10,000, ten-day trip to Gyeonggi Province!

▶ How can I join?
Step 1) Make a VLOG of up to 3 minutes in length showing why you would like to be our USD10,000 prize winner, and
Step 2) Simply upload the video on your social media channel with the hashtag #GGVlogContest.

▶ Contest Tips!
If you’d like to be the star of this USD 10,000 contest,
1) Convince us that you are the ideal traveler to promote Gyeonggi Province’s hot travel spots!
2) Prove that you have had a lot of travel experiences throughout your life!
3) Show us your vlogging passion & energy!

Freely make your VLOG to appeal to Gyeonggi Province, demonstrating to us that you are the best person around who can show others all the best places in Gyeonggi Province during this 10-day, USD 10,000 trip!

▶ Contest Schedule
– 1st Application period: July 18 to August 26, 2018
– Finalist Announcement: August 29, 2018

Show us why you should become the Ultimate USD 10,000 Ambassador of Gyeonggi Province!
Step up and showcase your VLOG! Get creative and get recording!!

▶ Participate now : http://www.dreamggtour.com/
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