2014 Imjingak New Year’s Eve Event

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Time: December 31, 2014, at 11:00 pm

Venue: Bell of Peace at Imjingak Park in Paju City




Fusion Gugak (Korean traditional music)





“Aengmagi” (warding off evil); “Kwaejina Chingching”

Musical Gala Show

Hon Actors

The Phantom of the Opera (musical); Les Miserables (musical); “Let It Go” from Frozen, and more

Classical Music Performance

Ujuho and Music Friends

“Song of Friendship”;

“Longing for Gumgang Mountain”;

“Miryang Arirang” / “Arirang”

Bell-Tolling Ceremony


Representatives of Gyeonggi Province from all walks of life


Transportation Information

-How to get there: Get off bus #58 at Munsan Station, and take the bus bound for Imjingak (running 5 times at 20:30, 20:45. 21:00, 21:15, and 21:30)

-After the event:

1) Imjingak to Munsan Station: Buses run at 10-minute intervals from 24:00 to 24:50

2) Imjingak to Geumchon Station: Bus #909 (3 times at 00:30, 00:45, and 01:00)