“The Man Who Planted a Thousand Trees” to be Official Poster for 2018 DMZ International Documentary Film Festival

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On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the DMZ International Documentary Film Festival (DMZ Docs / Organizing Committee Chairman: Lee Jae-myung, Acting Executive Committee Chairman: Lee Gwang-gi) has selected the photograph The Man Who Planted a Thousand Trees by Poet Park No-hae, who is well-known for his book People are the Only Hope, as its official poster.

The Man Who Planted a Thousand Trees (Jammu Kashmir, 2013) is a photograph taken in Kashmir, a disputed area over which India, China and Pakistan have been in persistent conflict.

Through this image of an elderly man who has been planting trees in the wilderness for 30 years, the photograph portrays the practical value of life and peace while also conveying the hope that sprouts through the pain and reality of the disputed area.

During the photo exhibition “Another Way” held in 2014, Park shared his thoughts on his work: “Rather than pursuing great accomplishments, fulfilling small deeds with great love, and being consistent throughout these modest projects until the very end, is the greatest way of life that I know.”

A DMZ Docs official mentioned, “We hope that the seedlings planted by the DMZ Docs over the past ten years in the midst of South Korea’s harsh documentary production environment have taken deep roots that will remain unshaken. We have selected this photo for the official poster with the hope that these seedlings will form a lush forest for the future of documentaries.”

Celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, the DMZ Docs will be held in Goyang City and Paju City of Gyeonggi Province from September 13 to 20.