Sunrise hot spots in Gyeonggi Province to see the first sunrise of 2016!

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January 1, 2016: The first sunrise of the year signaling a new start is always a special occasion.

Let’s begin 2016 at one of these sunrise hot spots in Gyeonggi Province.

We’ve selected six sunrise hot spots in Gyeonggi Province.

Rising above the eastern banks of the Hangang River in Hanam-si, Geomdansan Mountain is one of the most popular places people visit to see the sun rise on New Year’s Day. With Paldangho Lake stretching below, Geomdansan Mountain is a great location to usher in the New Year with new hopes.

The mountain itself is also a great trekking option. If you scan the horizon standing atop its flat peak, you’ll see Yebongsan Mountain and Ungilsan Mountain in addition to Chungryeongsan Mountain and Gyegwansan Mountain to the north. You can also make out Dobongsan and Bukhansan Mountains far away, two mountains that are next to the city of Seoul. Paldang Dam and Dumulmeori, Yumyeongsan Mountain and Yongmunsan Mountain in the northeast will catch your attention as well, and last but not least, the magnificent landscape created by Jeongamsan Mountain, Haehyeopsan Mountain, and Yangjasan Mountain to the southeast will be gorgeous enough to make your jaw drop! ^^

Simhaksan Mountain is a short mountain, one you can climb in just 20 minutes. But don’t dismiss it because it’s short; the moment you stand on its peak, you’ll discover that the view is breathtaking and almost as good as the views from Bukhansan Mountain or Gwanaksan Mountain.

If you’re looking for a beautiful view that’s nearby, we strongly recommend Simhaksan Mountain.  

Watching the sun rise blissfully over the calm water mist, the view here feels like an Oriental painting. Just like the two rivers coming together and flowing along serenely, we hope 2016 will be a year full of peace and prosperity. 

There will be a special annual event to welcome the New Year at Dumulmeori, so how about having a warm bowl of rice cake soup while watching the sun rise?

A mountain where you can touch the sky… That description is for none other than Cheonmasan Mountain. Rising 812.4m above sea level, the exciting sunrise atop Cheonmasan Mountain offers a touching experience you’ll never forget. When the day slowly breaks, the long ridges that lead onto Cheonmasan Mountain reveal themselves, and peak after peak beyond Chungryeongsan Mountain come into full view.  

Surisan Mountain is the third provincial park in Gyeonggi Province. It’s the guardian mountain in Gyeonggi Province’s southwest stretching across Gunpo, Anyang, and Ansan.

If you climb Surisan Mountain, you’ll understand why it’s popular as a sunrise hot spot with an expansive open view that stretches all the way to Incheon near the Yellow Sea and Suwon City. A new day begins when the sun rises above the low lying clouds, and the eastern sky slowly turns red along the glimmering lights illuminating the Seoul Beltway.

7:36am, January 1: 2016. Begin a brand new year with Gyeonggi Province! ^^

Source: Gyeonggi Tourism Organization, Gyeonggi Net