Pocheon Art Valley Astronomical Science Museum: Where culture, art, and people come together

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□ Pocheon is a region that abounds with nature, art, people, and relaxation

Pocheon Art Valley is Korea’s first venue for culture and art to utilize former stone quarries which were abandoned in the 1970s. It has now become a must-see attraction in Pocheon along with Sanjung Lake, Gwangneung Arboretum, and Sansachun.

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A 420m-long uphill road leads to Cheonjuho Lake where the ticket office is located. On foot, it takes 7 to 10 minutes.

Admission fees for Pocheon citizens differ from those of other visitors, with Pocheon citizens receiving a small discount.

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Thanks to some snow and suddenly frigid weather, I decided to take the monorail. The monorail is a 420m-long transportation amenity operated by a private contractor.

It climbs uphill very slowly so passengers can enjoy the view along the way.

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Four musicians welcome the passengers when they arrive on the monorail.

Behind them, I can see Pocheon Art Valley Astronomical Science Museum.

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As I pass along the ‘path of lovers’, I realize this place is a popular location for television programs and movies thanks to the beautiful view.

There’s a signpost that says this is where the television hit series Can You Hear My Heart was filmed. Not only that, this place was also the filming location for She’s 200 Years Old, a web drama series produced by Gyeonggi Province.

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This is what Cheonjuho Lake looks like. The lake formed naturally when rainwater and spring water seeped into a 20m-deep hole in the mountain where, from the early to mid-1960s, people used to quarry granite.

The lake is home to animals like salamanders, crayfish, and minnows that can only be found in pristine waters.

People say the lake is roughly 20m deep, and the granite dust on the lakebed reflects sunlight to make the lake glow like an emerald.

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Next to Cheonjuho Lake is the Wishing Sky Garden.

People believe your dreams will come true if you write them down and hang them on the door as you pass through. On the day I arrived, however, it was closed because of the snow.

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Pocheon Art Valley has several outdoor elements to see, so it has places where they’ve put hot stoves in to warm visitors.

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This is the outdoor sculpture park.

I imagine miners would have looked like that when they were quarrying stone in the past.

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At Pocheon Art Valley, there are more than 20 sculptures in the sculpture park and along the visitor’s trail.

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⁠The sky you see in Pocheon, the beautiful starlight atop Cheonjusan Mountain

Dreams aiming for space are made all the time at Pocheon Art Valley Astronomical Science Museum.  

Located by the foot of Cheonjusan Mountain, Pocheon Art Valley Astronomical Science Museum is the only municipal Astronomical Science Museum in northern Gyeonggi Province.

Visitors can develop their scientific creativity through activities they can’t easily come across at home or at school. They can also learn about astronomy in a much easier and more enjoyable way by touching and interacting with fascinating and fun exhibits.

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The hall presented stories about the Earth and the birth of our planet that were organized in an easy, enjoyable, and fascinating manner.

It’s a place where children can develop their dreams about the depths of space. Visitors can take pictures with stars in the background so it’s a great place for everyone to have a good time.

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You can observe the beautiful night sky of Pocheon through telescopes.

Today’s story was about the magnificent view at Cheonjuho Lake in Pocheon Art Valley and the overwhelming feeling of standing before the lake. It was a story of how a discarded, forgotten, and abandoned stone quarry was reborn as a place of culture and art where people come together. It was a story of the winter night at Pocheon Art Valley where people can enjoy the starlight in Pocheon’s night sky.

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