From the DMZ to Baekdusan Mountain, recruitment for the North Korea-China-Russia University Student Unification Touring Team

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Until May 31, Gyeonggi Province will be recruiting team members to participate in the 2018 North Korea-China-Russia University Student Unification Touring Team, a group that promotes reunification leadership by visiting border areas between North Korea, China and Russia.

As part of the 2018 University Student Unification Core Leaders Training Program, this team (hosted by Gyeonggi Province and supervised by Daejin University) seeks to develop the leadership capacity of future generations so that they can play leading roles in a unified Korea.

Participants include students who are attending university in Gyeonggi Province or who have lived in the province for more than three years and are deeply interested in reunification. Gyeonggi Province plans on selecting 30 final team members through document screening and interviews.

The team will embark on a 7-day, 6-night trip from July 23 to 29 around border areas of North Korea, China and Russia that feature historical sites related to resistance against colonial Japan and the Goguryeo/Balhae period such as Vladivostok, Ussuriysk, the ethnic Korean region in China, Baekdusan Mountain and the Tumen River.

Of particular note, the course includes major attractions where visitors can feel the spirit of the patriotic martyrs of the independence movement such as the Sinhanchon Monument, the birthplace of Choi Jae-hyung, the Yi Sang-sul Monument, the An Jung-geun Memorial, the birthplace of Yun Dong-ju, and Lushun Prison. It also offers time to pray for peaceful reunification with a view of North Korea. Time for prayers for reunification will also be made available with a view at Baekdusan Mountain, the Tumen River and the Yalu River.

Prior to this, from July 5 to 6, a pre-orientation and opening ceremony will be held at Camp Greaves, the only returned US military base in the Civilian Control Line, just 2 km away from the DMZ, with a variety of programs such as special guest lectures by experts and reunification talk concerts.

To participate, please fill in the application form, write a motivational letter, an essay on unification, and submit them along with all other required documents by post, via e-mail (, or in person (Public Relations Team, Main Building, 1F, Daejin University, 1007, Hoguk-ro, Pocheon-si).

The application deadline is May 31, and the final selectees will be announced through individual notification in early June. The relevant forms can be downloaded from Daejin University’s official website.

A Gyeonggi Province official noted, “As peace has been growing stronger on the Korea peninsula recently, it is now more important than ever that young people also assume responsibility for the future of Korea.” The official added: “We would like to invite all youths from Gyeonggi Province who are interested in reunification to actively participate in this program and demonstrate their interest.”

For more information, please check the notices on Daejin University’s official website (, or contact the Public Relations team at Daejin University (031-539-1085, 1087).