Twenty Gyeonggi Dream Creators Start Their First Project Supported with KRW 400,000 in Monthly Support from Gyeonggi Province

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The launching ceremony for the first Gyeonggi Dream Creator project was held on April 3 at the G-HUB located in Jeongwang-dong, Siheung City, and was attended by 20 creators.

The Gyeonggi Creator project launched this year is geared to enhance the creativity of multicultural residents and Russian Koreans in the province and nurture their development as one-person creators.

Recruitment ran until March 8, attracting a total of 49 applicants. Through a review process, the province selected 20 creators of different nationalities—including Chinese, Vietnamese, Peruvian, and American—and of ages ranging from their teens to 50s.

The creators are required to make a video containing diverse information helpful to multicultural families, including information about the major policies and issues of Gyeonggi Province, every month until December, and will receive financial support of KRW 400,000 per month.

Gyeonggi Province also offers intensive training with experts and a regular mentoring program with professional creators to the 20 Gyeonggi Dream Creators, and plans to hold a video festival twice a year to select excellent works and provide various incentives.

Contents Industry Division Director An Dong-gwang said: “The Gyeonggi Dream Creator project is expected to contribute to the promotion of the province’s policies in a manner customized to multicultural residents, and also to support job creation for them. We aim to provide various programs to help improve their abilities, supporting their growth as creators.”

The videos made by the Gyeonggi Dream Creators will be available to the public on YouTube and Facebook from April 25. You can find the videos by searching for “경기드림 (Gyeonggi Dream)”.