Yangju Hyanggyo

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Designation No: Gyeonggi-do Provincial Cultural Asset No. 167

The date of designation: September 19,1964

Road Name Address: 50, Road No.1423, Buheung-ro, Yangju-si / Old House No. & Street Address : 266, Yuyang- dong

It is a national educational institution for local residents that produced many Confucian scholars since it was established during the era of King Injo. Memorial services for ancient sages from China and Joseon in addition to regional Confucian scholars were held. It was destroyed in 1592 during (the 25th year of King Seonjo) Imjinwaeran and rebuilt in 1610 (the 1st year of Gwanghaegun) before being burned down during the Korean War and restored by the Confucians in 1958. In terms of the arrangement of the arc hitecture, Myeongryundang where one studies is next to Waesammun and Daeseongjeon and Dongmu where memorial services are held are inside Naesammun. 
Daeseonqjeon has 3 rooms each in the front and in the side, and it has a gable roof. There are memorial tablets for Confucius and four greatest Chinese sages inside in addition to Dongmu and Seomu, respectively, on the left and right side of Daeseongjeon Myeongryundang has 5 rooms in the front and 2 rooms in the side. It has a hipped and gabled roof. Currently, education is not provided any longer, and only memorial services are held. Religious rites are held every spring and autumn.