Lotus Theme Park

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         Entrance to Lotus Theme Park____________Lotus Flower Pond Reflecting Sky


        Beautiful Lotus Flowers__________________Lotus Flowers in Full Bloom


Over 500 Years of Old Lotus Land

Gwangokji cherishes a legend that Hi-maeng Kang, a noted official and scholar suring the early Chosun dynasty, started cultivating lotus by bringing in lotus flower seeds from Nanjing, China he visited in 1463 (9th year of King Sejo reign) by envoy.

To cherish the symbolic and historic value of Gwangokji, Siheung City built the Lotus Theme Park on a 10 ha wide land. Promenades and bike routes have been built along the perimeter making access easy for people. Lotus flowers start blooming in mid July and reach full blossom in mid to late August, but they are enjoyed till mid to late September.



208 Hajung-dong, Siheung

How to Come
City Local Bus : 61(Bucheon Stn) , 63 (Sosa Stn), 25 (Oido Stn, Jeongwang Stn)
Seated city bus line 1 or Village bus line 1-1
10 minutes eastward from Gwangokji Villagel

Use Information
031) 310-6180 (Siheung City Agriculture Technology Center)