Gaetgol Ecological Park

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Preserving the mystery of a wetland

Siheung Gaetgol Ecological Park is a beautiful spot where you can feel the sentiment of an old salt farm in a unique basin wetland, the only one of it’s kind in Gyeonggi-do. It appears that the ecosystem is well maintained here as it is inhabited by diverse salt plants and diverse amphibian animals like sand crabs and many different fish.
In order to preserve the ecosystem of this singular basin wetland and its rare animals and plants, Siheung City plans to develop the area into a representative eco-tour course by building an Ecological Park by 2010, which will connect the seashore and inland.

     Salt warehouse that cherishes____________     Experiencing salt pan


     Red-foot sand crabs seen in Gaetgol______     Gaetgol Ecosystem Study Grounds 



Siheung Gaetgol Ecological Park and surrounding area


Schedule August

How to Come

Subway : Subway Line No. 4 : City local bus line No. 25 after getting off at Oido-Jeongwang Stn
Bus : 11-2(Yeongdeungpo Stn), 30-7(Ansan Stn), 32(Myeonghak Stn),61(Bucheon Stn), 63(Sosa Stn) get off at Jinmal Elementary School

Use Information

031) 310-6730(Siheung Cultural Development Division)