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01Nationwide Yearning for Basic Income


The first step for everyone to have a living wage
  • Created and operated the Basic Income Committee, the first of its kind in Korea(starting December 20, 2018)
  • Hosted the 2019 Korea Basic Income Fair (April 29 and 30, 2019)
  • 35 local governments’ joined the Basic Income Council for Local Governments
About 60 local governments are considering introducing and reviewing basic income with a variety offorms

02Nationwide Expansion of Gyeonggi Local Currency


Local currency started in Gyeonggi Province has become a steppingstone for revitalizing the national economy
  • Expanded issuance of local currency after the governor took the office
  • The amount of issued currency in 31 cities and counties in the province is equal to KRW 127.6 billion (as of June 9, 2019)
  • Proposed national expansion of Gyeonggi Province type local currencies to the government and congress
Busan, Gyeongnam, Jeonnam, Jeonbuk, etc. are trying to adopt the Gyeonggi Province-type local currencies

03Expanded Installation of CCTVs in Operating Rooms


Putting patients’ rights before doctors’ rights to prevent illegal medical practices
  • Installed and operated CCTVs in operating rooms in 6 medical centers in Gyeonggi Province
  • Proposed making the installation of CCTVs in operating rooms mandatory by revising current medical laws
Ministry of Health and Welfare answered, “Encourage the autonomous installation of CCTVs in operating rooms” (in 2018 government inspection)
Tabled a partial amendment of medical law as a member of the National Assembly (May 21, 2019)

04Revealing the Cost of Government Ordered Construction and Public Construction


Making the world a fair place with the structuring of a transparent construction market
  • Revealed cost of government ordered construction by Gyeonggi Province and Gyeonggi Province contractors if the contract price is more than KRW 10 billion (Since September 1, 2019)
  • Proposed applying standard market unit price if a construction project is more than KRW 10 billion to Ministry of Public Administration and Security
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport expanded official notification items for housing prices from 12 to 62 and revised the Framework Act on the Construction Industry and sub-statutes

05Expanded Introduction of After-Sales System of Apartments


Reinforced “consumer choice” by introducing after-sales system for apartments in public sectors
  • Fully introduced after-sales system for apartments to those constructed by the contractor for Gyeonggi Province
  • Promoted a modification to the system to the public tract housing of the 3rd period new town, which begins construction in 2020
  • Attracted national attention by holding “disclosure of the original unit cost of apartments” forum in the National Assembly
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport expands public housing site for prioritizing sale after building system
: 4,000 households last year → 7,000 households this year, increasing the rate of sales of after building households to 70 % since 2022

06Paid More Wages than the Market Unit Averages to Public Construction Workers


Creating a fair environment that returns a fair share for one’s labor
  • Indication of paying more than the market rate for wages as a special condition of a construction contract within Gyeonggi Province became mandatory, and it is now enforced (Since January 2, 2019)
  • Gyeonggi Province took an initiating role to promote the controversial proper wage system
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport will commission research about revising the assessment system of the market unit wages and promote the revision law

07Installed Resting Space for Guards and Sanitary Worker in Nationwide Apartments


Spreading the value of Gyeonggi provincial government for the world that respects labor
  • Secured resting places for cleaners, security guards, and guides in the Gwanggyo new office building of Gyeonggi Province
  • Installed resting places for cleaning workers on the ground floor in 33 apartment complexes constructed by constructors for Gyeonggi Province
  • Secured extra space to store parcels to improve working conditions of guards
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport revised regulations and rules regarding house construction standards

08Operated a Delinquent Tax Management Group in Gyeonggi Province

Establishing tax justice and practicing the fair value of controlling the rich and helping the poor
  • Selected 1,262 people for the delinquent tax management group for the activity to research the status of delinquent taxpayers and to collect local taxes
  • Customized management for delinquent taxpayers such as welfare for taxpayers with difficult livelihood, jots, guarantee for bank loans, etc
The Delinquent Tax Management Group was established in Jeju-do, Gwangju, etc. and it was benchmarked by other local governments

09The Idea of Dentists for the 4th Graders of Elementary School Has Spread to the Whole Nation

Dentists for Elementary School Students
in Gyeonggi Province

The welfare model of Gyeonggi Province of the 7th Local Election has spread to the whole nation
  • Supported oral examination expense for the 4th graders (120 thousand) of elementary schools in the province, 40 thousand won for each examination
  • The system was expanded to the whole area of Gyeonggi in order to act out the election pledge, and its effectiveness is spreading
Ministry of Health and Welfare has announced that it will promote the policy about the oral health of elementary school students at the age of around 12 and will proceed a pilot project next year

10Gyeonggi Province that Leads the Peace in the Korean Peninsula


Proposed the South-North exchange and cooperation model centering on local governments
  • A top-level North Korea delegation visited Gyeonggi Province last November
  • Established the first peace policy advisory committee as a local government in March 2019
  • Supported flour and seedlings to Pyeongannam-do in North Korea (as the only South Korean local government)
37 local governments including Nam-gu in Gwangju, Geojae, Ulju, etc. joined the Gyeonggi Province council of local governments for inter-Korean peace and cooperation

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