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Gyeonggi-do has been constructing transportation infrastructure that connects the Seoul metropolitan area within one hour travel time via 2 international airports in Incheon and Gimpo, 2 international ports in Pyeongtaek and Incheon, 19 highways and 8 railways. In particular, when the construction of GTX (Great Train Express) is completed, we will achieve a green transportation revolution, connecting Seoul and major cities in Gyeonggi-do within a travel time of 30 minutes. This is possible because the GTX runs on tracks 40 meters underground at 100km/h, a speed three times faster than the existing subway system.


Incheon International Airport

International air cargo volume : 5 million ton

Passenger traffic : 72 million

Named World’s Best Airport for 12 consecutive years in the Airport Service Quality survey conducted by Airports Council International (2005 to 2016) 90 airlines connecting 188 cities



Incheon Port

Container cargo volume (2017) : 5,000,000 TEU

Pyeongtaek Port

Container cargo volume (2016) : 623,000 TEU

Sea routes : 17 routes (12 for containers, 5 for car ferries), Active berths : 63 (77 berths to be developed by 2020)



Great Train Express (GTX)

A new transportation network connecting the metropolitan area from north to south and east to west (running 40 to 50 meters underground) Based on high speed and mass transportation – A transportation revolution for the metropolitan area Optimum method for low-carbon green growth (compared with cars, 1/6 of CO2 emissions and 1/8 of energy consumption)

Project Overview
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