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Gyeonggi-do provides customized land in consideration of the characteristics of
individual companies as well as various tax incentives
Gyeonggi-do actively supports foreign investors interested in other plots apart from the industrial Complex exclusive for FICs when they go through the administrative procedures including land purchase and factory construction permit. 14 company sites including those of Dongwoo Fine Chem and AvanStrate Korea Inc. have already been designated as individual-type foreign investment zones; these companies are benefiting from various incentives including national and local tax reductions.
Individual-type Foreign Investment Zone

Current Status Of Individual-type Foreign Investment Zone In Gyeonggi-do

Current Status Of Individual-type Foreign Investment Zone In Gyeonggi-do Table
FIC nameDate of designationDetail
Dongwoo Fine-ChemDec. 29, 2003ProductsColor filter for TFT-LCD panels, etc.
LocationPyeongtaek (Poseung district)
Floor area (m2)252,334
AvanStrate Korea Inc.Dec. 30, 2004ProductsGlass substrate for LCD
LocationPyeongtaek (Hyeongok Complex)
Floor area (m2)88,770
HOYA Electronics KoreaDec. 30, 2004ProductsLarge photomask for TFT-LCD
LocationPyeongtaek (Hyeongok Complex)
Floor area (m2)18,642
Praxair KoreaNov. 28, 2005ProductsIndustrial gas
LocationGiheung-gu, Yongin
Floor area (m2)48,608
TimesAerospace Korea, LLC.Mar. 29, 2006ProductsHelicopter and parts
LocationDaegot-myeon, Gimpo
Floor area (m2)336,770
Linde KoreaNov. 23, 2005ProductsIndustrial gas
LocationGiheung-gu, Yongin
Floor area (m2)26,672
Fairchild KoreaDec. 29, 2010ProductsPower semiconductor
LocationWonmi-gu, Bucheon
Floor area (m2)6,579
Molex Korea Co., LtdMay. 26, 2011ProductsElectronic connector design
LocationDanwon-gu, Ansan City
Floor area (m2)13,926
Denso International KoreaJul. 20, 2011ProductsAutomobile parts research
Floor area (m2)20,586
ASE KoreaSep. 28, 2012ProductsSemiconductor and System solution
Floor area (m2)27,432
Korea Nitto OpticalDec. 23, 2013ProductsIndustrial film
Floor area (m2)13,195
Air Products KoreaDec. 20, 2013ProductsIndustrial gas
Floor area (m2)5,892
ASM Genitech KoreaNov. 30, 2015ProductsMachinery for semiconductor manufacturing
Floor area (m2)7,198
Air Products KoreaNov. 30, 2015ProductsIndustrial gas
Floor area (m2)34,167
TotalLocation14 areas Floor area(m2)900,772

Designation Criteria
and Tax Reductions

Designation Criteria and Tax Reductions Table
CategoryIndividual-type Foreign investment zone
Criteria Manufacturing : USD 30 million or more
Tourist hotels, resorts, convention centers : USD 20million or more
Logistics (distribution), SOC : USD 10million or more
R&D : More than USD 2 million, employing 10master degree holders or more
National taxes
(corporate tax, income tax)
Seven years
(100% for the first five years and 50% for the next two years)
Local taxes
(acquisition tax, property tax)
acquisition tax 15 years, property taxfrom 7 to 15 years
Custom duties,
special consumption tax, VAT
Capital goods for which import declarations are completed within five years from the investment registration date are exempt from all of these taxes.

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