Service You Can Trust: “Gyeonggi Data Dream” Receives Superlative Platinum Certification for Data Quality

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○ Korea Data Agency, a data quality certification institution, awards “Platinum” certification to Gyeonggi’s network service
– Superlative data quality certification recognizes data match rate of 99.9922%
– Gyeonggi Province receives recognition in public data field following tops honors in 2018 Evaluation of Public Data Service Operation Status

Gyeonggi Province’s public data portal, Gyeonggi Data Dream, received Platinum certification, the highest level possible, through the data quality certification program operated by the Korea Data Agency.

The Data Quality Certification-Value (DQC-V) program evaluates the quality of data being compiled and utilized by public and private organizations in accordance with a three-tier system of Silver, Gold, and Platinum levels.

Gold certification is awarded for a data matching rate (data accuracy value) of 97.700% or greater, while a data matching rate of at least 95.510% is required for Silver certification. The highest level, Platinum, is presented only for a data matching rate of at least a 99.977%.

Based on document review and on-site inspections conducted from August 6 to 28, the Certification Committee convened on October 4. As a result of the Committee’s evaluation, Gyeonggi Data Dream was found to have a data matching rate of 99.9922% and therefore recognized with Platinum certification.

Gyeonggi Data Dream is an exemplary data service of Gyeonggi Province that offers open access not only to data owned by Gyeonggi and its subsidiary public institutions but also by the 31 cities and counties of the province in a standardized form.

Residents can use the Gyeonggi Data Dream website ( to obtain a wide range of public data, including the status of various businesses affiliated with local currency, daycare centers, electric vehicle-charging stations, performances and events, available camping sites, and more without site registration.

Gyeonggi Province received top honors in the 2018 Evaluation of Public Data Service Operation Status for hourly observational data collected from automated weather stations. Provided through Gyeonggi Data Dream, this was deemed a “model practice.”

Lee Eung-jun, Director of the Data Policy Division of Gyeonggi Province, said, “Platinum certification is the result of consistent efforts made to minimize errors while maintaining quality. We will not remain content with this achievement, and vow to continue our efforts to maintain the quality necessary to provide reliable data.”