The Gyeonggido Environmental Industry UAE-India Trade Promotion Group achieves USD 24.52 million worth of exported consultating

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○ From October 6 to 10, the group offered export consultating meetings in Dubai and Mumbai, in which 7 promising environment companies based in Gyeonggi Province participated.
– Offering consulting services to 107 clients… HANILEST Co., Ltd. and various Gyeonggido companies are “close” to signing export contracts with local companies and buyers.
– Gyeonggi Province will visit twice in 2020 as well… It will provide full support for excellent environmental companies based in the province for their expansion to overseas markets.

On the 15th, Gyeonggi Province revealed that the 2019 Gyeonggido Environmental Industry UAE-India Trade Promotion Group, dispatched to Dubai, the UAE and Mumbai, India, for 3 nights and 5 days from the 6th to the 10th, achieved USD 24.52 million dollars worth of export consulting through 107 consultations.

The promotional group was dispatched to promote, in the UAE and India, the excellent environmental products produced by Korean companies based in Gyeonggido, which are rapidly rising as a “global environmental market” with an average annual growth rate exceeding 10%. This may provide an opportunity for these companies to discover new emerging markets to replace the Chinese market.

The trade promotion group is comprised of 7 leading environmental companies in Gyeonggido Province and it attracted the attention of foreign buyers by presenting quality products manufactured with state-of-the-art technologies at the export consultation meetings held in Dubai and Mumbai.
Hanilest Co., Ltd. based in Anyang-si, for example, attracted the attention of foreign companies and buyers with its water purification technology that radically improves water quality by using a “waterwheel” shaped device that creates micro bubbles in the middle of a lake.

Through the presentation, Hanilest Co., Ltd. was able to start working with Company A, a fish farming business based in Mumbai, India, on a sales contract involving 1,000 units per year, local production, and more. Furthermore, the company is close to signing a contract with Company B, a supplier to the local government, through active negotiations.

In addition to Hanilest Co., Ltd., Wonjin Tech located in Siheung-si also received attention from the local companies thanks to its “PET recycling system” that the company developed.

Wonjin Tech also had consultation sessions with a number of local companies interested in the PET additives that could replace the asphalt used for road construction. The company improved its prospects in the international market by establishing export contracts with buyers.

In the dispatch program, Gyeonggi Province provided comprehensive services designed to support the Trade Promotion Group including one-on-one meeting coordination services, interpretation services, and the construction of the consultation booth.

The province also conducted research on local markets in these countries to help the Trade Promotion Group penetrate into the markets. It delivered a range of information on the current status of the environmental industry in the UAE and India, and information regarding potential buyers and interested companies.

In 2020, the province will also select prospective overseas markets for Korean companies to enter, and dispatch the Trade Promotion Group, once in the first half and once in the second half of the year, to support Gyeonggi companies’ expansion to the international market.

Yeom Jin-seop, the manager of the Department of Environmental Policy in Gyeonggi Province, said, “Through the recent dispatch of the Trade Promotion Group, we have confirmed that the environmental industries in Dubai and India are growing at an exponential rate. Dubai is expected to host the 2020 Expo while India is implementing pro-manufacturing industrial policies with the motto, ‘Made in India.’ We will spare no efforts to help the leading environmental companies in the province enter the global market.”