2019 Gyeonggi-Guangdong International Exchange Camp for University Students

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○ 2019 Gyeonggi-Guangdong International Exchange Camp for University Students kicks off
– Opening ceremony on August 12 (Monday) / Held for two weeks until August 24 (Saturday) / Hosted by the Gyeonggi Do Provincial Institute for Lifelong Learning
– Participation by a total of 40 students, 20 from each province
○ Expected to promote mutual understanding and exchange among students in Gyeonggi and Guangdong

Gyeonggi Province announced on August 12 that it will host the Gyeonggi-Guangdong International Exchange Camp for University Students jointly with China’s Guangdong Province as part of its efforts to strengthen youth international exchange.

The International Exchange Camp, which celebrates its third anniversary this year, is part of the Gyeonggi-Guangdong Exchange and Cooperation Reinforcement Project ratified by the two regions in 2016 to strengthen youth exchange.

On August 12, the first day of the camp, 40 university students (20 from each province) attended the opening ceremony held in the Complex Lecture Building of Kyonggi University, which marked the beginning of the two-week camp.

During the camp period, the students from the two provinces stayed together and participated in various programs consisting of special lectures about Gyeonggi and Guangdong provinces, peace and Korea-China relations, and field trips and cultural experiences themed around history, culture, and economy.

“The international exchange camp will give the students the opportunity to learn about each other’s culture and history while contributing to youth exchange between the two regions and building friendships with each other,” said Cho Hak-su, Director General of Gyeonggi Province’s Lifelong Education Bureau.

The International Exchange Camp is held every year alternately in Gyeonggi and Guangdong, and will be held in Guangdong Province next year.