Gyeonggi Art Center Hosts “Festival on the Plaza – Open House” from August 23 to 25 (Facilities open from August 15)

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○ “Festival on the Plaza” will be held from August 23 to 25 to transform cultural space into a space for everyday life
○ Facilities of the Gyeonggi Art Center will be open to the public from August 15, becoming an open space for all

Gyeonggi Province and the Gyeonggi Art Center will hold the “Festival on the Plaza – Open House” from August 23 to 25 to promote the opening of the center’s facilities to the public.

During the festival, free screenings of films will take place in the small theater of the center to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Korean cinema. A total of six films from different genres will be screened free of charge during the festival period. The films include “Shusenjo: The Main Battleground of the Comfort Women Issue” and “Kim Bok-dong,” both of which shed light on the sexual slavery victims of the Japan military, along with recent hit movies such as “Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum” and “Pororo, Dinosaur Island Adventure.”

Throughout the three-day festival, the Gyeonggi Art Center’s plaza in front of the large theater will become a venue for busking performances by indie musicians and various free experiential events such as soap bubble blowing and water-gun play.

On the evening of August 24, the Gyeonggi Philharmonic Orchestra will perform Baroque and classical music on the Sunkeun Stage. In addition, various exhibitions, a flea market, food trucks, and a tent zone will provide a variety of cultural and entertaining experiences to visitors.

Before the festival, from August 15, Gyeonggi Art Center will begin to gradually open its facilities to the public in line with the provincial policy to return public resources to the residents, starting from the lobby on the second floor of the large theater, to the plaza and the outdoor theater. This policy is being implemented in Gyeonggi Province to raise the efficiency and value of public facilities.

Accordingly, the lobby of the large theater will be transformed into a space in which visitors can appreciate music and works of artists, while the plaza in front of the small theater and the outdoor theater will be used for busking performances and the exhibition of various sculptures. The plaza in front of the large theater, which will be open to the public from October, will accommodate in-line skating trails and food trucks to provide leisure space for families.

“The Gyeonggi Art Center is Gyeonggi Province’s representative public arts institution. To enhance the public value of the space itself, as well as its artistic value, we have decided to open its facilities and hold this event to celebrate. By eliminating the sense of distance that residents feel regarding the center’s plaza, we will make the center a more friendly space and expand the range of cultural and art content and participating programs for residents,” said an official of Gyeonggi Province.

For more information on the opening of the Gyeonggi Art Center’s facilities and the “Festival on the Plaza – Open House,” please contact +82-31-230-3200 or visit the official website of the center (