The Province Office takes strict measures in health control for dairy products during summer

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Adopting a higher level of watch over illegitimate or poor quality dairy products

In an effort to supply healthy dairy products to inhabitants particularly during summer, the Province Office plans to apply the HACCP (Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Point) to all slaughter houses in the province, effective July 1 in stringent terms.

The HACCP, a system designed to enhance the health control level throughout the entire process of dairy production, has been adopted by 14 of the 24 dairy product handling centers. The remaining 10 centers also plan to adopt the system by the end of June.

The Province Office will continue to do its best to have relevant businesses supply healthy meats to inhabitants by applying rigorous hygiene standards to the slaughter of livestock and processing of the meats. It also gave instruction to the businesses to pay meticulous attention to washing and sterilizing vehicles visiting them to prevent the danger of spread of livestock-caused infectious diseases.

The Province Office plans to do everything it can to prevent occurrence of undesirable health incidents involving meats, ice creams, milks and other processed dairy products during summer in cooperation of the National Agricultural Products Quality Management Service and Gyeonggi Livestock and Veterinary Service.