e-Market opens for good products made by SMEs

Createdd 2003-06-10 Hit 5456


The Province Office and the Gyeonggi SME Support Center will continue the program of distributing the ?e-Directory of Promising Export Businesses? to help SME exporters in the province out of the current difficulties amid the murky business situation worldwide. 

The e-Directory CDs listing competitive export items made by SMEs in the province will be airmailed to prospective overseas buyers. 

They also intend to help SMEs increase exports by means of direct marketing in which commercial letters are sent to potential buyers periodically via e-mail. 

Under the program, SMEs in the province harvested a conspicuous result of signing export contracts worth $3.1 million in total in five months and business talks involving products worth $16 million in total last year. This year, efforts will be made to enhance the quality of the CDs and edit phrases used so that the introductory material may be recognized as first-rate one. 

The new e-Directory to be distributed this year will contain database concerning 700 SMEs in the province, information on 3,500 recommendable products, the export/investment environment of the province. 

Those wishing to be listed in the CD are invited to submit their applications to the following, after having the form (Promising Export Goods e-Directory) downloaded at the Gyeonggi Net (www.kg21.net), the Gyeonggi SME Support Center (www.ksbc.or.kr) or Gyeonggi Internet Trade Center (www.tradehelper.org): 
1) via E-mail(kyslhk@ksbc.or.kr, or 
2) Fax (031-259-6258) 
3) By mailing to: Kim Yu-shin, the e-Marketing Team, Gyeonggi SME Support Center San 111-8, Ieui-dong, Paldal-gu, Suwon, Gyeonggi-do 442-766