The Gyeonggi Province Office plans on a survey concerning what civilian experts think the best worthwhile projects have been and five upfront things that must be corrected are.

Createdd 2003-06-09 Hit 6180


The survey, the first of its kind, is conducted on the occasion of the first anniversary of inauguration of the third directly elected Province Governor. Its results will be reflected in future businesses of the Province Office.

The survey will be carried out via e-mail toward about 1,200 Province Councilors, civilian monitors, Provincial Affairs Supporters Corps etc for 10 days between June 9 and 18.

The Provincial Office will utilize the survey results in its future operations, reflecting them in implementation of the Gyeonggi Vision 2006 containing the schedule for promotion of 51 core projects which will be carried out during the current governor’s tenure.

An official said that the survey is part of the Office’s efforts to enhance transparency in its overall operations and invite inhabitants to positively participate in provincial affairs.