Management reform by cyber farming consulting

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o 9 team from 6 division operates consulting throughout the year
From the center of self-sufficient family farming to increase production, new management reform is required by the form of industry farming or company farming to increase revenue in this fierce competition system.

Consequently National Institute of Agricultural Science and Technoloy in Gyeonggi Province strengthens professional feature of farming house operation consulting propelling core feature of technical supply business and supplies consulting service to farmers with on-the-site-guidance method converting previous production technology guide to general consulting including agriculture management in parallel with cyber counseling thorough the internet.

Farmhouse management consulting is divided into research direction personnel, professors, leading farm house and it is composed of 95 people in 6 parts with 9 team, who are professional for wide-area consulting staff of consulting team such as food crops, gardening, special crops, environmental agriculture, stock farming and operation information.

They accept consulting application from farm houses with problem in farming field and visit the farm house personally. By operating general management diagnosis about growing breeding, institution structure, vermin management, farming house record and management diagnosis of the farm house, they carry out throughout-the- year- consulting to accomplish the management goal and improve management suitable for characteristics of the farm house. These are getting positive effects from many farmers.

In the meantime NAIST tries to fix the problem of processing field-based-consulting as quick as possible with increasing demand of farmers. So they implement many previous roles in the cyber world such as providing information, consulting with professionals, consulting application, farming revenue diagnosis, operation diagnosis from the cyber farmer consulting system through the internet (

With Consulting business by field-visit and using cyber farming consulting system as well, it will keep providing information related to agriculture such as farming house operation management, diagnosis S/W development*distribution and farming resource management, technology operation and vermin record of growing crops.

It is anticipated to contribute to farming operation reform with systematic management of farming house targeted to consulting.