Provincial Governor Hak-kyu Sohn visits Manhattan’s Ground Zero and Contracts

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Hak-kyu Sohn, Provincial Governor of Gyeonggi-do (Gyeonggi Province), has started his official schedule in America with a breakfast interview with Guy F. Tozzoli, President of the World Trade Center Association (WTCA), at 8am, June 23 (US time).

Sohn discussed plans of building up a strong cooperation between WTC Suwon and WTCA with Tozzoli. He also requested for cooperation on constructing a strategic coalition in overseas marketing field between KINTEX and other WTCs all over the world.

If trade relations between the South and North become active and foreign capital investment is induced and also infra development of North Korean harbors and power plants is regularized, Sohn stressed the necessity of the north Gyeonggi district’s role of being a North Korean advance base because of its location near the border with North Korea will increase.

Sohn requested Tozzoli to take the role of being the ‘Opinion Leader’ in the international trade society to peacefully settle the North Korean nuclear issue.

With the guide of a New York City official, 10 Gyeonggi delegates offered a silent tribute during their visit to the Manhattan’s Ground Zero, on the same day at 10:15 AM. After 9·11, Ground Zero represents all those who are against terror and wish for peace upon the whole world.

Meanwhile, Sohno consulted with a company of an additional investment of $7,650,000 for Turbo charger equipments to be installed in the 1,800 pyong Eoyeon-Hansan industrial complex.

This company, located in Chicago, US, specializes in automobile parts and has 1,400 employees and annual sales are $30 billion. 14% of the entire sales are made in the Asian region. This company has three affiliated companies in Umsong, Changwon and another part in Korea.

New projects related with the Turbo charger technology will be promoted in ’03 with Volkswagon, Audi, Peugeot, Ford and Renualt-Nissan. Gyeonggi-do is already contracted with companies planning to move in the 2,420 pyong Eoyeon -Hansan industrial complex in July, ’02 and the contracts is worth $5 million.

Sohn signed an agreement to promote interchange of research development technology, information, research manpower and other resources at his visit to Stony Brook. Shirley Strum Kenny, President of Stony Brook School has also signed this agreement with Governor Hak-kyu Sohn.

With this agreement, Gyeonggi-do obtains the possibility of applying excellent fundamental technology through mutual cooperation between the Stony Brook School and the Wireless Internet Research Institute in Gyeonggi Small & Medium Business Center. And the plan to develop Leeui-dong into a high-tech scientific technique district made up of a Wireless Internet Center, Nano Specialized Lab Center, Bio Industry and so on.

Stony Brook School is one of the 12 state universities in New York and also lines up with the Berkely, MIT as one of the three prestigious engineering schools in the US. Future wireless Internet cooperation projects will be managed by the Gyeonggi Small & Medium Business Center and the sister school of Stony Brook School, Ajou University will support any necessary projects needed.

The wireless Internet information project promoted by the Stony Brook School will be supported with $50 million from the New York State, a billion from the social department of the matching fund and $14.5 million from Venture Capital.