Creation of 1,074,000㎡ International Exchange Complex in Godeok International New Town in Pyeongtaek. Push to attract foreign universities

Createdd 2018-09-13 Hit 255


The International Exchange Complex will be developed on a site of 1,074,000 square meters (approximately 320,000 pyeong) in Yulpo-ri, Godeok-myeon, of the Godeok International New Town in Pyeongtaek City.

The area will welcome renowned foreign universities and international schools for elementary, middle and high school students, and facilitate the creation of infrastructure appropriate to its designation as an “international new town.” On August 30, Gyeonggi Province and the Korea Land & Housing Corporation (LH) revealed their plan to create a detailed proposal for the International Exchange Complex in the Godeok International New Town of Pyeongtaek to be presented to the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs at the beginning of the following month.

According to the detailed proposal, the International Exchange Complex will include foreigner-only detached housing and apartment housing, a specialized culture street, a foreigner-friendly theme park, a general hospital for medical tourism, the International Exchange Complex and a startup campus connected to the Samsung Godeok Industrial Complex. There are also plans to induce campuses of foreign universities and international schools for elementary, middle and high school students from among the world’s top 200 educational institutions.

In preparation for the concrete establishment of a support plan and the attraction of foreign universities, Gyeonggi Province, LH and Pyeongtaek City have decided to propel the “establishment of the action plan relating to the invitation of international educational organizations” from October. Relevant sites will be designated a reserved area until confirmation of concrete invitation plans.

Lee Chun-pyo, Assistant Governor of Gyeonggi Province’s Urban Housing Office, stated, “As opposed to concentrating on the establishment of developmental plans centered around residential and commercial facilities in the general housing development industry, Godeok International New Town will reflect developmental plans made for facilities that will help Pyeongtaek grow into an international new town.”

In addition, Gyeonggi Province and the Gyeonggi Urban Innovation Corporation are in the process of implementing a station area complex development plan of 78,000 square meters (approximately 23,000 pyeong) in the vicinity of the station in Seojeong-ri east of Godeok International New Town. The province plans to promote district changes that will permit the increase of building height in the station area from 10 floors to 20 floors. The province also plans to install a pedestrian overpass at Seojeong-ri Station to increase accessibility to surrounding commercial areas.

The Godeok International New Town will be built in Godeok-myeon of Pyeongtaek City, Gyeonggi Province, and in parts of Seojeong-dong, Mogok-dong, Jangdang-dong and Jije-dong. With the transfer of the United States Forces Korea headquarters from Yongsan-gu to Pyeongtaek City, the formation of the new town will support the development of Pyeongtaek into a city that can accommodate a population of 144,031 people, or 59,149 households, in an area of 13.4 square kilometers.