Gyeonggi Provincial Medical Center Provides Support to 57,553 during First Half of Year

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During the first half of this year, the Gyeonggi Provincial Medical Center provided support equivalent to KRW 1,150 million to 57,553 people through its public health care projects for the underprivileged.

The center, as a public medical institution, has provided services to the underprivileged with the financial support of Gyeonggi Province as well as its own yearly budget.

The center’s main projects include the following: medical expense support for the underprivileged, dental care for the severely handicapped, at-home care, free medical care for foreign workers, dental health promotion, urgent medical care, and lifelong care and free mobile clinic projects.
The medical expense support for the underprivileged provides up to KRW 5 million of funding for medical expenses per underprivileged province resident, including Basic Livelihood Security Recipients, low-income households, North Korean defectors, multicultural families, and people with incomes lower than 50 percent of the median income level. The center has provided KRW 510 million in medical support to 34,457 people during the first half of this year.

Dental care for the severely handicapped is aimed at strengthening medical accessibility for severely handicapped people neglected by private medical institutions. The center provided KRW 77 million in support to 456 people in the first half of the year to help in the treatment and prevention of oral disease.
In addition, it conducted 8,335 home medical care service visits through which professional nurses visited at-home, critical patients who otherwise have difficulty receiving periodic medical care services.
The center also provided medical services valued at upward of KRW 560 million to 14,305 people during the first half of this year through medical support for foreign workers and a free mobile clinic project to deliver free treatment and health care to communities in need of medical care.

The center has secured an increased budget greater than that of the 2017 fiscal year for the following projects: medical expense support for the underprivileged (KRW 500 million  KRW 600 million), free mobile clinic (KRW 730 million  KRW 750 million), and dental care for the severely handicapped (KRW 404 million  KRW 408 million).

For detailed information on the Gyeonggi Provincial Medical Center’s public healthcare projects, contact the Public Project Department of the six hospitals operated by the center.

– Suwon Hospital 031-888-0681
– Uijeongbu Hospital 031-828-5118
– Paju Hospital 031-940-9219
– Icheon Hospital 031-639-4861
– Anseong Hospital 031-8046-5194
– Pocheon Hospital 031-539-9291