Eco Fair Korea 2022, a Three-Day Exhibition for Carbon Neutral Gyeonggi, Ends Successfully

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○ Gyeonggi Carbon Zero, Clean Air International Forum, and Gyeonggi Environment Safety Forum held concurrently
○ Joint declaration of carbon neutrality, operation of 350 technical exhibits and booths, international forum, and more

Eco Fair Korea2022, a comprehensive environmental exhibition for a sustainable future, ended successfully on September 7.
Eco Fair Korea 2022 ran for three days from September 5 to 7 at the Suwon Convention Center under the theme of “Sustainable Future, Carbon-Neutral Gyeonggi.” Gyeonggi Carbon Zero, the Clean Air International Forum, and the Gyeonggi Environment Safety Forum were also held during the fair.
Around 120 companies participated in Eco Fair Korea 2022 and showcased their environmental technologies at 280 booths. In addition, six environmental technology certification briefing sessions were held with the participation of the Korean Standards Association. Other ancillary events such as presentations on project bidding hosted by the Korea Environment Corporation also took place. Of particular note, a total of 188 meetings took place between 90 public institutions and 72 participating companies in procurement consultations in which cities/counties and public institutions of Gyeonggi Province participated as buyers.
Gyeonggi Carbon Zero, in which 53 institutions and 70 booth operators participated, provided an opportunity to foster awareness of carbon neutrality. At the Carbon Neutrality Declaration Ceremony, Gyeonggi Province, cities/counties of the province, and the Gyeonggido Assembly affirmed their unity in cooperation; this was followed by the launching ceremony for the Gyeonggi Residents Carbon Neutrality Group.
At the International Forum on Carbon Neutrality, officials from East Asian governments and experts discussed local government roles in Korea-China-Japan cooperation. In addition, participants fostered climate crisis awareness through the pursuit of ideas regarding air, climate, and energy in the Carbon Neutrality Idea Contest. A total of 54 teams participated in the contest, of which eight were selected for the finals through application screening. The King of Climate team submitted the winning entry of a “rental building energy consumption display campaign,” which will be positively reviewed for policy application by Gyeonggi Province and the Gyeonggi Environmental Energy Agency.
The Clean Air International Forum, jointly hosted by Gyeonggi Province and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP), was attended by 750 environmental experts from 16 countries as well as those from international organizations, governments of six Asia-Pacific nations, and academia, including Tudevdorj Gantumur, Deputy Minister of the Environment and Tourism of Mongolia, and Abdullah Nasir, Minister of State of the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change and Technology of the Maldives. They attended the three-day event online or offline. At this forum, consisting of six sessions and three ancillary events, attendees shared a variety of clean air policies, technologies, and research results, as well as the current situations of different nations and regions.
The Gyeonggi Environment Safety Forum held on September 5 saw the participation of approximately 250 representatives of the environmental industry and relevant companies. At this forum, attendees made presentations on support plans for small businesses in Gyeonggi Province, revitalization plans for the environmental service industry, and exemplary environmental service cases. The presentations were evaluated so as to determine effective means by which to achieve the desired outcomes.
Eom Jin-seop, Director General of Gyeonggi Province’s Environment Bureau, commented, “We were able to successfully hold this event thanks to the interest of many provincial residents in the environment. We will continue to do our utmost to realize sustainable development and carbon neutrality.”