Gyeonggi Province Discusses Environmental Safety and Provides Experiential Programs Through Gyeonggi Environment Safety Forum on September 5

Createdd 2022-09-01 Hit 5


○ Environmental information and technology exchange forum reflects Gyeonggi Province’s environmental safety policies
– Technology and information exchanges through discussions and case presentations on air pollution reduction
– Experiential programs including contents relevant to environmental diseases such as atopic dermatitis

Gyeonggi Province announced on September 1 that it will hold the 2022 Gyeonggi Environment Safety Forum at the Suwon Convention Center (third floor conference room) on September 5.
The Gyeonggi Environment Safety Forum is being held to facilitate exchanges of technical information regarding environmental safety between companies, experts, public officials, and residents while concurrently establishing Gyeonggi Province’s environmental safety management policies. This forum will be livestreamed on YouTube and can be accessed via the official website ( or the associated YouTube channel by searching for the “2022 Gyeonggi Environment Safety Forum.”
Major contents of the 2022 Gyeonggi Environment Safety Forum include support plans for small businesses within the province, revitalization plans for the environmental service industry, and presentations of exemplary environmental service cases.
In terms of support plans for small businesses within Gyeonggi Province, attendees will discuss the province’s current environmental safety issues, including (a) progress and development directions, (b) case presentations on air pollutant reduction technologies for the printing and dyeing industries, and (c) other panel discussions.
Regarding revitalization plans for the environmental service industry and exemplary case presentations, the Governor of Gyeonggi Province will present citations to 11 environmental service companies (seven construction companies, three measurement agencies, and one management agency) that have contributed greatly to the development of the province’s environmental industry by reducing air pollution. In addition, attendees will present plans to revitalize the province’s environmental service industry and also introduce two exemplary environment service provider cases (one construction company and one measurement agency).
At the Outdoor Event Hall on the first floor of the venue, the Suwon Center for Environmental Disease & Atopy and Gapyeong Center for Prevention of Environmental Diseases will provide experiential programs such as dracaena cultivation for air purification and eco-friendly mug making on September 5 and 6.
Kim Sang-cheol, Director of Gyeonggi Province’s Environmental Safety Management Division, said, “We need the attention of people from all walks of life in order to resolve the province’s current environmental safety issues such as air pollutant reduction… We hope this forum serves as an opportunity to reflect on-site opinions of businesses emitting air pollutants and establish environmental safety policies for residents.”