Enjoy Small but Certain Happiness through Learning: Develop Your Hobbies!

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From June 4, Gyeonggi Province’s free Online Lifelong Learning website GSEEK is offering a 10-course program comprised of popular hobbies (e.g. calligraphy, illustration, photography, guitar, music composition, Go, etc.) under the theme “Achieving Small but Certain Happiness through Learning.”

“Calligraphy with Noah’s Mom” is a course that teaches calligraphy, one of the most evocative arts. It helps participants develop their own calligraphic style through which they can derive a sense of accomplishment.

“The Secret Drawing Hidden in a Flower: The Basics of Drawing” is a project-type course that helps participants who have never studied drawing to easily master the basics of this art and create their own works while cultivating their singular skills of expression.

“Jjomulttak Lucy’s Crochet Class” is a course through which participants can learn the basics of crochet (reading patterns, basic skills, etc.) while practicing simple and more advanced patterns with the help of an expert.

“Everything about Bikes: Bicycle Life” is a course that provides comprehensive insights about bicycles, starting with the history of this vehicle that is an important part of hobbies, even in modern society, to tips for the smart use of one’s bike.

“Guitar Class with Minyeong” covers a wide range of knowledge about playing the guitar such as basic skills, chords, musical theories, and techniques.

“I Can Compose, Too” is a rare, easy music composition course that teaches students how to develop their own composition styles.

“Life with Photographs: Becoming a Photographer” helps learners acquire basic knowledge about photography as well as different types and characteristics of cameras and camera lenses, photography techniques, day and night photography know-how, and editing techniques. The course consists of video lectures by experts and practical exercises.

“How to Play Go with Mok Jin-seok” is a course in which participants can learn the skills of Go with Mok Jin-seok, a 9-dan professional Go player.

“How to Fish with Jeong Myeong-hwa” teaches fishing, one of the most popular hobbies among middle-aged Korean men in recent years, by focusing on the different types of fishing, supplies required, freshwater/sea fishing skills and preparation know-how.

“Show Me the Hip-hop” is a course for hip-hop and rap novices guided by J’Kyun, an artist who appeared on the TV show “Show Me the Money,” and designed to give an introduction to this genre of music.

Each course is available free of charge upon membership registration at Gyeonggi Province’s free lifelong learning website (www.gseek.kr). Culture gift cards (KRW 30,000) will be randomly offered to 20 registrants who leave a course review (event period: June 4 to 30, 2018).