Support for employment from Gyeonggi Industrial Technology Education Center

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The Gyeonggi Industrial Technology Education Center, which is the province’s representative institution for nurturing technical personnel and boasts an average employment rate of 94%, is recruiting talent for the second half of the year.

According to an announcement made by Gyeonggi Province on June 7, the Gyeonggi Industrial Technology Education Center is a vocational education institution operated by Doowon Technical University College Paju Campus through a mandate from the province in order to supply excellent technical personnel in industrial fields and address the youth unemployment problem.

Since its foundation in March 2008 and up until 2017, a total of 1,792 trainees have completed the course program, and 1,677 of these trainees have succeeded to find jobs. Based on these achievements, the center has established itself as one of the leading vocational schools in the technical sector with an average employment rate of 94%.

The training courses starting from August 27 include: Display Equipment Maintenance (30 trainees), IOT System Development (10), Computer Application CAD Design (40), Web and App Content Design (40), and Aesthetic Skin Care (30). The Display Equipment Maintenance course provides training in technology related to LCD equipment maintenance, while the IOT System Development course focuses on electric/ electronic system development that forms the core of IOT. The Computer Application CAD Design course offers training in CAD program skills.

The Web and App Content Design course aims to enhance student competencies in website and content creation, and the Aesthetic Skin Care course supports trainees in the acquisition of practical skin care skills and related qualifications.

The courses are available to registered residents of Gyeonggi Province, and anyone who is willing to work can apply to attend. Applications can be submitted through the Gyeonggi Industrial Technology Education Center website.

Trainees are selected through two recruitment periods. The first recruitment period runs until July 16, and the second period runs from July 17 to August 24. However, if the maximum number of trainees is reached during the first recruitment period, the second may not be carried out.

Training, dormitory accommodations and meals are provided free of charge along with a monthly training allowance and transportation expenses. Trainees who complete their courses will receive a certificate as well as incentives such as job support and follow-up management. In addition, aesthetic skin care trainees can apply for certification fee support.

For more information, visit the Gyeonggi Industrial Technology Education Center website ( or contact the center at 031-935-7115.