Experience the ‘More Just and Fair Gyeonggi’ at Korea Balanced Development Expo

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○ Gyeonggi Hall to be installed and operated at 2021 Korea Balanced Development Expo
– To be held in Andong City, North Gyeongsang Province, from October 26 to 28 both online and offline

○ Introducing major provincial policies in balanced development under theme of “More Just and Fair Gyeonggi”
– Gyeonggi’s public delivery app, relocation of public agencies to northeast regions, sustainable operation model for restoration and public return of clean valleys, and more

From October 26 to 28, the Gyeonggi Provincial Government will showcase its achievements and a vision of its major policies for balanced development, including the clean valley restoration project, at the 2021 Korea Balanced Development Expo in Andong City, North Gyeongsang Province.

Under the theme of “More Just and Fair Gyeonggi,” the province will operate three exhibits at the Gyeonggi Hall to introduce its policies, notably, Gyeonggi’s own public delivery app, the relocation of public agencies to northeast regions, and a sustainable operation model for the restoration and public return of clean valleys.

Through various graphic and video materials, viewers can learn about the background, major accomplishments, and anticipated effects of different projects and policies.

First, the “Gyeonggi public delivery app” corner displays items related to the achievements of a “public digital SOC foundation” established to resolve the issue of a digital platform monopoly and to solidify an order for a fair market economy.

In the “relocation of public agencies to the northeast” exhibit, the policy of the dispersed arrangement of public agencies, which is being promoted as special compensation for northeastern regions of Gyeonggi Province that have had to endure sacrifices in the past, will be explained to demonstrate the province’s dedication to balanced development.

Lastly, for the “sustainable operation model for the restoration and public return of clean valleys,” the province plans to not only introduce its accomplishments in restoring clean valleys but also to present a sustainable maintenance platform for clean Gyeonggi valleys, which will operate based on government-private sector collaboration and the participation of local communities.

Kim Kyung-hwan, Director of the Balanced Development Division, said, “Under the slogan of ‘Special Compensation for Special Sacrifices,’ Gyeonggi Province has made various efforts to improve the quality of resident lives and realize balanced development among different regions. Through this expo, we hope to share our know-how in balanced development policies with other local governments while further enhancing our policies and systems.”

The Korea Balanced Development Expo is an event where visions and policies for balanced national development are discussed and policies for regional balance are shared and discussed among local governments.

This year’s expo, to be conducted in a festival format, will be attended by representatives of the Presidential Committee for Balanced National Development, the Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and 17 metropolitan cities and provinces. The participants will introduce the innovative policies of their regions while learning, sharing and cultivating visions for balanced development in a free atmosphere.

Of particular note, in consideration of COVID-19, the event will be held in an integrated format that utilizes both online (www.regionsweek.kr) and offline venues.