Governor Lee Jaemyung: “Gyeonggi’s 7th local elections strove to realize the value of fairness; I am extremely regretful and sorry that I couldn’t finish my term”

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○ Governor Lee Jaemyung holds press conference on October 25 to announce resignation
– Gyeonggi’s 7th local elections proclaimed “New Gyeonggi, Fair World” and strove to realize the value of fairness
– Governor Lee mentioned fairness policies, including the relocation of public agencies, eradication of illegal valley establishments, and advent of local currency

○ Governor Lee delivered his final farewell by saying, “Just as we’ve created the proud Korean province of Gyeonggi, so too will we create a proud country that is admired by the world”

○ Visiting the Fire & Disaster Headquarters, presiding over an expanded executive meeting, and attending the provincial assembly in the afternoon; Lee’s final act as governor is a visit to encourage COVID-19 response teams

Gyeonggi Province Governor Lee Jaemyung stated that the province’s 7th local elections were a process through which the value of fairness was realized and expressed his apologies to all residents for failing to finish his term.

At a press conference held on the morning of October 25 at the Gyeonggi Provincial Government complex to announce his resignation, Governor Lee said, “Today is the 1,213th day since I became the proud governor of Gyeonggi Province. Feeling extremely regretful and sorry that I failed to finish my assigned term, I bid my final farewell as the governor.”

Lee then added, “I would like to take this opportunity to proudly report to all provincial residents that Gyeonggi has successfully carried out 98% of our original pledges as of June this year. I would like to thank all of you who have placed unwavering trust in me, cheered for me, and encouraged me despite my many shortcomings.”

Regarding the provincial administration resulting from the 7th local elections, Governor Lee stated, “We proclaimed ‘New Gyeonggi, Fair World’ and have striven to realize the value of fairness because fairness is the most basic and essential value through which we form communities and live together.”

“We’ve worked hard during the past three years to make Gyeonggi a province where everyone enjoys equal opportunities, people are guaranteed their fair shares according to their efforts, peace in the Korean Peninsula starts, and every resident is provided with a chance to live their lives,” he recalled.

He then mentioned cases of fairness that have been realized through major provincial policies, including the introduction of a standard market cost system for public construction under KRW 10 billion, the relocation of public agencies, the eradication of illegal valley and riverside establishments, and the expansion of local currency, as well as the introduction of the Delivery Express app, basic income, basic housing, and basic financing.

Governor Lee also emphasized, “Gyeonggi’s policies have become a standard for Korea, and now they are spreading nationwide. This includes the installation of CCTVs in surgery rooms, the legalization of rest areas for cleaning and patrolling workers, and regional currency.”

The governor also expressed his gratitude to Gyeonggi residents: “I feel unspeakable joy and satisfaction as the governor when our residents say that they are proud of living in the province. Looking back, the past three years have been a series of crises, but we were able to find the energy to move forward thanks to the heartwarming support and encouragement from our residents.”

He did not forget to mention Gyeonggi provincial officials who have worked alongside him during his term. “Gyeonggi wouldn’t have been able to accomplish what it has to date if it weren’t for the efforts and dedication of our talented Gyeonggi officials. I urge you to fulfill your solemn duties as public officials who make the lives of residents their utmost priority.”

In his final words, Governor Lee stated, “From the position of overseeing the lives of 13.8 million residents, I would like to now become a servant of this country and its 50 million people. Just as we’ve made Gyeonggi a proud province of Korea, so too will we turn this crisis of great transformation into an opportunity for a grand leap forward and make this a proud country that is admired by the world.”

Meanwhile, after the morning press conference, Governor Lee will visit the Gyeonggi-do Fire & Disaster Headquarters at 1 PM to encourage personnel and preside over his final expanded executive meeting at 2 PM. He will then attend the Gyeonggi Provincial Assembly at 3 PM to make his farewell.

As his final act as the Governor of Gyeonggi Province, Lee will meet with officials of the Disease Control Policy Division, who are doing their utmost to fight COVID-19, and deliver words of encouragement and appreciation to them.