Gamers’ Global Festival: 2nd Gyeonggi Game Global Week Concludes Successfully

Createdd 2018-10-01 Hit 256


The Gyeonggi Game Global Week, hosted by Gyeonggi Province and organized by the Gyeonggi Content Agency, has concluded successfully.

During the Global Week held at Pangyo, the center of the Korean game industry, various events took place including the finals of the 9th Gyeonggi Game Audition in the global category on September 17, the 5th Game Business Day (export meetings) on September 18, and the Global Conference on September 19.

At the finals held on September 17, “Hello Pet House” took top place. Developed by Nanali Studios (CEO Park Jae-hwan), Hello Pet House is a casual upbringing simulation game in which players can raise a pet and decorate a house by utilizing the IPs of Hello Pet; the game has reached 8 million downloads.

A panel of judges composed of six overseas publishers from four regions – the US, China, Thailand, and the Middle East – and an audience of 140 people participated to evaluate global success potential and public preferences. “Hello Pet House”, which won first prize, was evaluated highly for reflecting the preferences of female users, a demographic group with growing purchasing power.

On September 18, 23 foreign buyers from the US, China, Japan, Thailand, and the Middle East and 36 domestic companies held 192 export meetings, resulting in the conclusion of export contracts worth a total of USD 23.3 million, up 66% from the previous year. Chinese buyers, in particular, showed high interest, proving that demand for outstanding game content is still high in the local market even though the recent conflict over license issuance has made the launching of Korean games difficult in China.

The Global Conference held September 19 presented analyses of global market trends and successful cases of overseas advancement by domestic game development companies. Foreign game experts and industry stakeholders provided insights into the latest game trends and global advancement strategies to a total of 150 participants during six lecture sessions.

Lee Seong-ho, Director of the Contents Industry Division of Gyeonggi Province, said, “We organized this event to create a forum for domestic and overseas game industry stakeholders to exchange information and to help domestic companies open overseas sales channels. We will continue to actively support the advancement of domestic game companies into the global market with a variety of programs that can help them in market pioneering.”