Governor Lee Jaemyung participates in emergency crackdown on secret drinking party at bar violating quarantine guidelines

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ㅇ On the night of July 22, an emergency crackdown took place at an adult entertainment bar in Anyang City.
– Forty enforcement officers, including Gyeonggi Province Governor Lee Jaemyung, participated in crackdown
– Seven patrons drinking alcohol with hostesses were caught at the scene
ㅇ The provincial government plans to press charges against this illegal adult entertainment bar and the patrons for violating the Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Act

Governor Lee participated in an emergency crackdown on sites violating COVID-19 quarantine guidelines, and caught individuals who were secretly drinking at an adult entertainment bar.

On July 22 at approximately 10 p.m., Governor Lee conducted a snap inspection of an adult entertainment bar located in Anyang City and found 7 patrons who were drinking alcohol with hostesses.

For the emergency crackdown, 40 enforcement officers and Governor Lee visited the business establishment to check on violations of the gathering prohibition. The enforcement team requested access and then inspected the premises.

When Governor Lee entered the location, 3 patrons were drinking alcohol with 2 bar personnel and 2 hostesses of foreign nationality.

Under Governor Lee’s guidance, the enforcement team notified those present of their violation of the government prohibition on gatherings. They then undertook administrative process such as completing documentation and confirming violation of quarantine guidelines. The crackdown was completed by 11:30 p.m.

The provincial government plans to press charges against the adult entertainment bar, which was operating illegally while violating the government prohibition on gatherings, and against the patrons for violating the Infectious Disease Control and Prevention Act.

A Gyeonggi provincial official said, “The inspection was undertaken based on a report that some adult entertainment bars were operating illegally behind closed doors despite the rapid spread of COVID-19. We plan to maintain strong enforcement efforts in order to protect public health.” The official added, “We expect this case will serve as a wake-up call for those who are breaking quarantine guidelines.”