“Gyeonggi Province C Zero Go” winning entry in open call for carbon neutrality event name

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○ October 27, 2021 – A “stage of empathy and awareness” is being prepared for the realization of carbon neutrality in Suwon Messe.
– Open call held for provincial residents to select event name and slogan
– First such event in Gyeonggi Province in which the climate and energy sector, public sector, private sector (organizations and businesses), and local residents will participate
– Event features forum, debate, and promotional booths to cultivate measures for carbon neutrality

The name “1st Gyeonggi Province C Zero Go” was selected for this climate and energy event day that will take place in October for Gyeonggi Province’s realization of carbon neutrality.

On June 21, Gyeonggi Province announced an open call for ideas regarding the event name and slogan that ran from June 21 to 30, and selected Baek Hyeon-joo’s “C Zero Go” as the final winning entry.

“C Zero Go” was evaluated highly as it implies the empathy and participation of the Gyeonggi Provincial Government, provincial residents, and organizations and businesses from both the public and private sectors in the vital transition to carbon neutrality.

Along with “C Zero Go,” Kim Yeon-jin’s slogan – “Zero Carbon, Double Happiness, Newer Gyeonggi” – was honored with a Consolation Award. The provincial government presented a gift voucher worth KRW 500,000 to the winner of the Excellence Award, as well as KRW 100,000 vouchers to each of the two Consolation Award winners, and KRW 10,000 vouchers to each of the thirty Participation Award winners.

The purpose of the open call was to gather ideas for the name and slogan of this event in which private and public organizations and businesses in the climate and energy sector as well as Gyeonggi residents will participate with the aim of creating a “stage of empathy and awareness” for the realization of carbon neutrality. A total of 471 entries were submitted.

Kim Gyeong-seop, Director of the Climate and Energy Policy Division of the Gyeonggi Provincial Government, said, “The realization of carbon neutrality policy is no one else’s responsibility but our own. It is the story of our near future, so we cannot delay it any more. It is an urgent task that we have to actively achieve.” He added, “The most critical factor in the realization of carbon neutrality is a cooperative system between related organizations and groups. In that regard, we hope to see many people participate in this event.”

The 1st Gyeonggi-do C Zero Go, which take places at Suwon Messe on October 27, will include a forum on carbon neutrality, an exhibition, and promotional and interactive booths for carbon neutrality policy, as well as presentations, debates, and an award ceremony.