Gyeonggi Do Provincial Institute for Lifelong Learning Launches ODA Project in Honduras

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© GYEONGGI PROVINCE Signboard unveiling ceremony at the Marco Aurelio Soto School in Petoa (Honduras)

The Gyeonggi Do Provincial Institute for Lifelong Learning carried out the “2018 International Development Cooperation Project (Lifelong Learning ODA Project)” in Honduras from August 9 to 18.

The institute hosted training from August 9 in the city of San Marcos of Santa Bárbara Department, northern Honduras, to strengthen resident problem-solving capacities, while also undertaking an infrastructure construction project to improve the learning environment and holding a workshop for community leaders who had received training in 2017.
It also provided capacity-building training for 30 local community leaders to help them identify and resolve problems in their communities.

Rigoberto Escobar Rodriguez, who completed the training, said, “Before we receive the training, we had no idea what to do when we bumped into problems. Now we have learned ways to cope with them. This training gave us an opportunity to broaden our perspective.” He continued “When I return to my village, I want to share what I learned today with other residents and put it into practice right away.”

© GYEONGGI PROVINCE Laptops and lifelong learning symbols delivered to the principal of the Jose Cecilio Del Valle School (Honduras)

A signboard unveiling ceremony for schools renovated through projects jointly conducted by the institute and the Sugar Is Life Foundation (FUNAZUCAR)* in Honduras since May was held on August 9 and 10 in the cities of Petoa and Macuelizo of Santa Bárbara Department. Approximately 100 people including residents and school officials as well as the mayors of Petoa and Macuelizo attended this event, during which laptops were delivered to the schools.

Since 2013, the Gyeonggi Do Provincial Institute for Lifelong Learning has been working closely with local institutions to support capacity enhancement training for community leaders and learning infrastructure improvement so as to meet local needs in Honduras. The institute plans to expand the project to more areas in the future.

*The Sugar Is Life Foundation (FUNAZUCAR) is a social enterprise in Honduras. Established in December 2005 by seven local sugar companies, it is a private non-profit organization with an interest in providing educational support for women and children.

© GYEONGGI PROVINCE Completion ceremony for community leader capacity enhancement training at a community center in San Marcos (Honduras)