Gyeonggi Expands Number of Public Facilities Accepting ‘Gyeonggi Smart-D’ Provincial Resident Card from 53 to 83

Createdd 2023-01-01 Hit 18


The number of facilities at which Gyeonggi residents can use the provincial resident card included in ‘Gyeonggi Smart-D,’ a customized administrative service application utilizing public My Data, has been increased, allowing provincial residents to receive discounts at a total of 83 public facilities.

Gyeonggi Province announced that, from January 2, when Gyeonggi residents present the Gyeonggi Smart-D provincial resident card at any of 83 public facilities without other documentation, they can receive the discount corresponding to their residence, age, number of children, or status as a disabled or meritorious individual.

Participating public facilities now include the Gaetgol Camping Site in Siheung City, the Indoor Swimming Pool in Anyang City, the Buraksan Forest Experience Center in Pyeongtaek City, and the Cheonbosan Natural Recreation Forest in Pocheon City. A total of 30 additional facilities are part of the expanded number, including 23 in Siheung City, 3 in Anyang City, 3 in Pyeongtaek City, and 1 in Pocheon City. Previously, the service was only applicable at 53 facilities in the province.

The provincial resident card of the Gyeonggi Smart-D application provides the user’s name, address, age and gender information. The user can also click View Details to verify the names and birth dates of family members in the same household.

Gyeonggi Province explained that the provincial resident card can be issued and used immediately after installing the Gyeonggi Smart D application from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store, verifying one’s identity and completing the consent procedures. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes and reduces user inconvenience by eliminating the need to carry supporting documentation in order to receive applicable discounts.

This year, Gyeonggi Province plans to continuously expand the use of the provincial resident card to sports facilities and major tourist attractions managed by the 31 cities and counties of the province.

Lee Soo-jae, Director of Gyeonggi’s AI Big Data Industry Division, said, “We will continue efforts to provide a convenient experience to Gyeonggi residents by improving the Gyeonggi Smart-D application.”

The Gyeonggi Smart-D application provides the ‘My Report Service’ in a customized format that is useful for daily life. This service includes: ‘customized benefit information’ such as welfare and open recruitment information for Gyeonggi residents; a ‘Gyeonggi provincial resident card’ that enables identity verification based on public My Data; an ‘electronic wallet’ in which various electronic certificates can be stored and used on mobile phones; and the My Data information of Gyeonggi provincial residents.