Gyeonggi Province Recruits 100 ‘Apartment Technical Advisory Team’ Members; Expands Related Information & Communication Fields Such as Home Networks

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* Gyeonggi Province is promoting on-site technical advice from private sector experts for apartment repairs.
– Technical advice (construction plans) → Support for design documents (construction details & specifications) → Construction advice (construction quality)
* Gyeonggi Province has appointed the ‘5th Apartment Technical Advisory Team’ (expansion from 100 experts in nine fields to 100 experts in ten fields).
– Expansion of information and communication fields such as home networks and CCTV systems
– Experts augmented to respond to rapid increase in consultations regarding elevators in older apartments in 1st phase new towns.

On December 21, Gyeonggi Province announced the appointment of 100 private sector advisors to the 5th Apartment Technical Advisory Team so as to provide safer housing environments to apartment residents.

The advisory team has been dispatching private sector experts and public officials to scrutinize apartment repairs since 2014. During these visits, they provide technical advice based on construction plans and design documents, such as construction details and specifications, with the aim of increasing quality throughout the entire repair process.

The 5th Apartment Technical Advisory Team has separated electronic communication into electrical and communication fields so as to better deal with home networks and CCTV systems. Accordingly, the advisory team will offer consultations on ten different fields including construction execution and structures, as well as transportation.

Since there has been increasing demand for technical advice regarding elevators in older apartments of 1st phase new towns, the number of advisory members for elevators has been increased from 9 to 15.

Representative resident groups that wish to receive advice from the team can apply through the Gyeonggi Province website ( or fax a completed application form to Gyeonggi’s Apartment Technical Support Team (031-8008-4369).

Ko Yong-soo, Director of Gyeonggi Province’s Apartment Housing Division, said, “The technical advisory system provides optimized administration services that reflect the needs of provincial residents… We are constantly communicating with residents and will carefully take residents’ perspectives into account.”