Gyeonggi launches drone-equipped “air pollutant emission instant response team”

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○ Drones and TMS to be used at large air pollutant emission sites
– Administrative measures to be taken and criminal charges brought against companies that violate relevant air pollutant laws and regulations

The Metropolitan Environment Management Office of Gyeonggi Province announced on February 10 that it plans to launch an “air pollutant emission instant response team” that uses drones and a tele-monitoring system (TMS) this year.

The operation of the response team is aimed at reinforcing the monitoring of blind spots as well as during holidays and nighttime.

The office will check for the unlicensed operation of air pollutant-emitting facilities and compliance with the permissible emission limits at large business sites that generate particulate matter (PM10) through aerial imaging using drones. Then it will inspect damage to air pollution prevention facilities and carry out intensive inspections through on-site visits if necessary.

The TMS is installed at large business sites that generate more than ten metric tons of air pollutants annually, business sites that are the subject of related complaints (including concerns), as well as business sites that are under intensive management for the monitoring of air pollutant emission status on a 24-hour basis.

Aside from the above, the office also measures air pollutants using state-of-the-art equipment, such as stack gas samplers and gas analyzers, thereby confirming compliance with permissible emission limits for PM10 sources on-site, including those of sulfur oxide and nitrogen oxide. Sample analyses of other pollutants are performed by the Gyeonggi-do Institute of Health and Environment through request.

Business sites found to have violated regulations based on inspection results will be subject to improvement orders, administrative measures including fines, criminal charges and the online disclosure of company information.

Metropolitan Environment Management Office Director Im Yang-sun said, “We will endeavor to realize a clean air environment by swiftly and strictly managing places of business that illicitly emit air pollutants according to relevant laws and regulations.”

Meanwhile, in addition to PM10 management, the office plans to crack down on illegal waste disposal and odor-causing environmental pollution in cooperation with relevant institutions.