Gyeonggi Province starts ‘digital transformation’ (DX)

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○ Gyeonggi Province begins strategic response to digital transformation
– Open calls for policy ideas from residents, expansion of participation by public experts, establishment of vision, and identification of key tasks

On January 25, Gyeonggi Province gathered opinions from residents and experts, identified its vision and key tasks, and established mid- to long-term strategies to officially begin its policy to strategically respond to digital transformation (DX).

This was undertaken in response to the urgent need for future industries and new growth engines based on digital-oriented policy transformations.

The province plans to actively encourage residents to participate in the establishment of digital transformation policies. It will also expand active participation by experts and draft mid- to long-term strategies to create a substantial, systematic action plan.

To begin this process, the province is gathering opinions from residents through “open calls for ideas on digital transformation policies” that will run until next month so as to increase resident participation in policy-making. The province will then select ideas received during the open calls for integration into its vision and key strategic tasks so that residents can experience first-hand the actual effects of digital transformation policies.

Recognizing that it is crucial to gather opinions on-site through the willing participation of experts from different technical sectors in order to promptly respond to major digital changes Gyeonggi Province will also actively utilize various experts from the private sector. The province will formulate a professional, realistic vision as well as key tasks by expanding its DX acceleration committee and organizing subcommittees for actual task implementation.

Additional plans include strengthening the collaborative network of industry, academia, researchers, and government for the realization of digital transformation policies that correspond to the economy, society, and industries, and outlining a strategic plan for the province’s digital transformation by integrating the opinions it collects. In addition, the province aims to further maximize the effects of these policies by identifying joint central government projects, as well as by monitoring and supplementing digital transformation strategies.

Future Growth Policy Bureau Director General Kim Gyu-sik said, “Gyeonggi Province will be the center of a digital ecosystem, as it is crucial to have a strategic response to the timely discourse that is digital transformation, and we will strive to pioneer Korea’s digital transformation.”