Gyeonggi Province and Gyeonggi Tourism Foreign Supporters hold closing ceremony to celebrate publicity achievements of past half-year

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○ Gyeonggi Tourism Foreign Supporters hold closing ceremony after promoting Gyeonggi tourism to world amidst pandemic
○ Certificates and cash prizes awarded to exceptional supporters

Gyeonggi Province and the Gyeonggi Tourism Organization held the 2021 Gyeonggi Tourism Foreign Supporters Closing Ceremony on November 23 to wrap up and reflect on the activities of foreign supporters, who have promoted Gyeonggi Province’s tourist destinations to international tourists, and to celebrate their achievements of the past half-year.

This past June, 20 foreign residents of Korea from a total of 18 countries were recruited through an evaluation of their social media follower numbers, content production skills, and interest in Gyeonggi tourism. In order to introduce the attractions of Gyeonggi Province to international tourists, they experienced major tourism content first-hand, such as Gyeonggi’s beaches, clean valleys, themed alleys, subway trips, and Gyeonggi Dullegil (Trails). Accordingly, more than 300 reviews and promotional content items were posted on their social media channels to inform the world about the beauty of Gyeonggi Province.

At the closing ceremony, award certificates and cash prizes were presented to 3 recipients who posted the most remarkable content as well as to 5 other recipients who generated the greatest number of posts. In addition, certificates of completion and admission tickets to major tourist attractions in the province were given to all supporters.

Choi Yong-hoon, Director of Gyeonggi’s Tourism Division, commented, “I would like to thank all the supporters who have worked hard to promote Gyeonggi tourism online via social media in the midst of international travel restrictions due to the pandemic. Next year, we will continue operating the Gyeonggi Foreign Supporters program to promote Gyeonggi tourism attractions through livestreaming and will contribute to the revitalization of Gyeonggi tourism after the pandemic.”