Gyeonggi Province launches “Zero Me” campaign to phase out disposable plastic products by year end

Createdd 2021-11-22 Hit 222


○ Gyeonggi Province to conduct “Zero Me” campaign from November 26 until end of year at shopping districts and schools
– Campaign name signifies “reducing use of disposable products (‘Zero’) starts with me (‘Me’)”
– Promotional activities to be undertaken by over 100 consumer safety volunteers

○ Continued promotion of “eco-friendly consumption” among provincial residents

Gyeonggi Province is conducting its “Zero Me” eco-friendly consumption campaign until the end of the year to phase out disposable items, such as plastic products.

From November 22 through to the end of the year, in the cities of Suwon, Yongin, Bucheon, Goyang and elsewhere, campaign volunteers will visit multi-use facilities, schools and institutions within Gyeonggi Province to continuously promote activities to reduce the usage of disposable products, such as the utilization of reusable shopping bags and personal cups.

“Zero Me” signifies “reducing the use of disposable products (‘Zero’) starts with me (‘Me’),” emphasizing voluntary actions of consumers, increasing their awareness and fostering empathy. Of particular note, the plan is not limited to a one-time event, but will instead be implemented on an ongoing basis every year and promoted as a nationwide movement.

One hundred consumer safety volunteers will participate in on-site promotional activities this year. Gyeonggi Province has been recruiting the volunteer corps every year since 2019 to create a safe consumption environment led by provincial residents. Until the end of the year, the volunteers will carry out public relations efforts such as wearing promotional shoulder sashes, gathering signatures in support of the reduction of disposable items, and distributing promotional materials.

Kim Ji-ye, Director General of Gyeonggi’s Fairness Bureau, said, “Marine life is suffering because of plastic bags and containers. If consumers reduce their usage of disposable items, we will be able to create a clean and beautiful planet upon which we can all live happily together. I hope many of our residents will participate in the Zero Me campaign through such activities as using reusable shopping bags and personal cups.”